With as many people as 800 million, Instagram ads are considered as an amazing tool for social media marketers. Instagram advertising is an effective strategy that’s easy to implement and doesn’t take much time. If you own a small business or a very big business, Instagram advertising is very effective. It is a simple method of paying to post sponsored content on the Instagram platform to reach a larger and more targeted audience. There are a lot of reasons a business or individual may decide to advertise, Instagram advertising is often utilized to grow the presence of a brand, website traffic, and move current leads down the funnel (and hopefully towards converting). As we already know that Instagram is a visual platform simple text or comments are not enough, you would need creative images, infographics, media and video content 

to reach your audience with Instagram ads. Most of the people are worried about who is on Instagram and which type of people use Instagram more. The answer to this question is that Instagram is a business platform and most of the people who use Instagram are our youth, the largest percentage of users is between 18-29 years ago, almost 28 percent users are 30-49 years old. People above 64 years old don’t use this platform much, there are only 11% users on the network between the age line of 50-64 or above.

Most of the old people think that Instagram is not a place for old aged persons, but this is not true. Sometimes the most aged person is earning much more than dozens of young people on Instagram. Like Facebook and other social advertising platforms, Instagram gives you the control to target specific genders, age ranges, interests, behaviors, and more. Instagram also allows you to target a custom or lookalike audience, so you’re showing ads only to your direct list of leads or those who have a similar makeup.

What are Instagram Ads?

Instagram ads are the posts or Stories that a business pays to promote users’ Instagram feeds. These posts and stories look exactly like the normal posts and stories on Instagram with sponsored tags on the posts and stories. There is an option to use a call to action button to get more traffic and visitors. These ads are very useful for the customers and are extremely helpful for the people in promoting their businesses. People use Instagram advertising to aware the audience on Instagram about their brand to achieve their desired goals 

How much does Instagram ads cost?

Nobody can tell for you for sure as how much it will cost to run a successful ad campaign on Instagram. The costs are based on several factors, and as you may have suspected, these are not all revealed to us by the platform. Several factors affect the value of the ads you post on your Instagram. The number of factors that impact the ads on Instagram includes targeting audience, ad placement, ad format, and the time at which you post on Instagram. In 2017 the cost per click of ads on Instagram was between 0.7-0.8 $. But the price also depends on the people who are watching your ad, the time, day, etc. These factors have a significant impact on the advertisement on Instagram. So you have to be very careful while posting ads on Instagram if you want to make your business grow and expand.

 If you want to earn more through Instagram, you have to decide how much you want to spend or how much you’re willing to pay per result. You can start Instagram marketing with any budget that you have. Instagram’s parent company Facebook asks you how much you want to spend on advertising. The team will try to get you some results for any amount that you pay. If you’re going to spend $5 a week, you can. If you want to spend $50,000 a week, you can do that too. You can earn on Instagram, depending on the time that you are ready to devote to the cause.



Types of Instagram Ads

Photo Ads

Photo ads are used by many brands to showcase products and services through product images. Instagram photo ads provide you the platform to share your product with even more people. You can also use photo ads to create new content, unlike the typical posts on Instagram. .As with all of the Instagram ads type, you have to focus on which type of people you want to target and what do the targeted audience asks from you. This is exceptionally important to run your brand. This is the standard ad format, and photo ads are the one you see most often scrolling through your feed. Photo ads are usually single images that will appear as a native experience as your target audience is scrolling through their feed. There is one thing exciting about these photo ads that they don’t look like ads. They look like regular posts.

Video Ads

Unlike photo ads, video ads on Instagram can have one minute of duration, so they give you a chance to give users a closer look at your brand, your business, or your products. Several influencers and digital marketers have observed that shorter videos can often be more productive. It would be very beneficial if you could introduce your brand in the first few seconds of the video. You can make the right amount of money through video ads. As the viewers want to see a closer picture of your brand, so the video ads are much better than the photo ads. Video ads will bring life to your profile. If you have spent a lot of time making a good video ad for your feed, you should be promoting it through your Instagram feed.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are also a type of Instagram advertisement. Carousel ads let users swipe through a series of images or videos with a call-to-action button to connect them directly to your website that you have created to promote your business on Instagram. It allows you to highlight different images and videos. Carousel ads will increase your customers’ number, and it will be very beneficial to grow your business. You just have to be very consistent and work hard. This ad type is an excellent source for visual brands, like those in the food industry, furniture sellers, clothing options, vacation destinations, car dealerships, etc. But they’re not only for these businesses. Only they can also work to promote other types of ads on Instagram.


Instagram now allows you to post longer videos that it will be offering advertising on IGTV. 

Well, all these details about IGTV ads are new, this concept has been executed in real-time yet. According to an estimate, the video creators would be able to generate a lot of the ad revenue through it. This is not a small amount, and you can make a good profit through this. You just have to be very selective and very creative. People like to watch new and creative things. Don’t just stick to the old commercials and ideas. Make something creative, something worth watching. The number of followers on your posts is determined by the content that you are sharing with the people on Instagram.

Advertising on Instagram

Initially, Facebook was the only platform for people to introduce their businesses on electronic media with ease. Still, as time passes, Instagram has made its place in the market if you’re advertising on Facebook, there isn’t much to learn about advertising on Instagram. Instagram ads can be set up using the Facebook manager, and just a few settings are to be understood and done. They are almost alike, and the procedure is also the same. But If you are not advertising on Facebook, you don’t have to worry about it. There are simple steps that are mentioned below to advertise on Instagram. Follow the steps, and you can easily promote your brands and products on Instagram. Advanced advertisers running a relatively large ad set can also choose to configure their ads through the Facebook messenger app. There are two basic ways to set up your ads on Instagram. The simplest and foremost way is to promote an existing post directly within the app simply. But there is another method that offers the most customization options to create your Instagram ad, and that is by using the Facebook ad manager. It will help you to promote your brand in a limited period. This is very easy and helps you a lot in promoting your business through Instagram. Let’s have a look at a few tips that we can do to advertise our brand on Instagram.

  • Navigate through the Facebook ad manager

First of all, you have to make your page on Facebook and connect your Facebook and Instagram through the Facebook business account. If you already have an account on Facebook then you only need to join your Facebook and Instagram page through Facebook ad manager. This is the simplest step in advertising your content on Instagram. Advertising is not an easy task. You have to be very selective about the material that you post on Instagram. 

  • Set Marketing Objectives

If you are looking to increase brand traffic, then these things should be kept in mind while advertising on Instagram. If you want to reach your goals then you have to follow these things properly. Your ads will only work if you focus on the below-mentioned things properly.

1: Brand awareness

Brand awareness is the most important goal that will try to show your ads to more potential people likely to be interested in. Most of the beginners are worried about how does Instagram determines this? How will people get to know my brand? You have to create some basic rules for creating brand awareness among people on Instagram.

2: Reach 

 If you are looking for a step to reach more and more people on Instagram then all you have got to do is select the Ad options on your Instagram account. 

then you’ll just need to be sure to select your Instagram account when creating the ad itself. You can also take advantage of Facebook’s testing features, aka split testing, which allows you to split test two ads to see which one yields more installs. This will help you understand which type of content is more liked by the people around the globe. It will also help you see which kind of adds attract more people. Photo ads or video ads. 

3: Engagement 

Engagement on the posts and stories is critical to bring the people towards your brand. If your goal is engagement, you have to be sure about one thing that you currently can only pay to play for “post engagement” on Instagram. Facebook will allow you to pay for “page engagement” and “event responses,” but these facilities are only available on Facebook. Instagram doesn’t have these features, and if this is your goal, you have to make sure that you post on Instagram at a specific time on which most of the people are active on Instagram.

4: Traffic on your posts

Now the next goal for you is to attract the potential audience on your page. This is the appropriate goal for you if you want more people to visit your website or app store to download your app. This has to be your main goal for advertising on Instagram. The only additional steps you’ll need to take is to enter your URL and then let more and more people visit your profile. This will improve the number of followers on your post.

5: Video content 

 Everyone is aware that more videos are a way of engaging more people on your posts and profiles. Advertising video content should be in your goal. If this is your goal, you don’t have to give more time to it, make a video and let people watch it. Don’t worry about further setups. If you are creating video content, then you don’t have to worry about the other setups for promoting your videos. You only have to make video content, and you are ready to go.

  • Target the potential audience

Now once you have selected your objective, then the next step is that you need to target the appropriate audience to get your ads in front of the right people. This is the best feature of Instagram ads since you’ll be using Facebook’s depth of demographic knowledge to reach the right people. If you are familiar with the ads on Facebook before you likely already have several audiences built and are quite familiar with the process. If you are new to this process, you can run-down of your targeting options, which you can layer to get a precisely targeted audience. You have the option to select specific people from a specific location. You have the option to choose specific aged people who are likely to be interested in your brand. You can also determine the gender and the people who understand a particular language easily. You can set your demographics and target the people around the globe. Your primary aim has to target the potential audience interested in your product and will buy things from you. This step is vital for advertising your product on Instagram. You have to be sure which type of audience you want to target.


Instagram is a very user-friendly app that allows you to target people from ages 13 to 63 in age and above. This is a type of gift for you as you can target the audience according to the type of product that you want to advertise on Instagram. For example, you want to advertise casual jeans and shirts for the youngsters so you can define the age limit for advertising your product. 


Instagram allows its users to choose whether they want to share desired information with men or women. You have the liberty to customize your audience. For example, if you want to advertise beauty products on Instagram you can customize your advertisement only for women. This is a very good feature as it allows you to promote things freely on Instagram. 


Whenever you are targeting the people on Instagram, you should determine the demographics. This is a very important point in targeting the potential audience on Instagram. Be very careful in selecting the location for your targeted audience.  


  • Choose placement for your product.

You should also choose the best placement for your ads as you target your ideal demographic. This is important if you want to show ads on Instagram. You can also ignore this step if you want to; it depends on the type of content that you want to share with people. If you ignore this step, then automatically, Facebook will allow your ads to appear on both platforms. Posting the content on both platforms will bring you more customers, but if you have content that you have created only for Instagram, you should select the “Edit Placements” option and choose Instagram only. By doing this, you will allow only the Instagram users to see your posts.

  • Make a schedule and budget for ads. 

If you are already working on Facebook, and you are familiar with how budgets work through Facebook ads and other digital advertising platforms, then this step should not be challenging for you. If you don’t know how to make a budget, then you might not know exactly where to set your daily budget when running your first Instagram ad campaign. You will learn this through experience. There is something perfect about posting ads on Instagram that you can stop the campaign from when you feel that you cannot manage the budget right now. This is good news for you, and you can take advantage of this if you are not able to make a proper schedule for your ads. Once you are sure that you have an appropriate amount of money to advertise on Instagram, you should start your work. It is also possible that you can also run an ad schedule to target specific times of day and days of the week when you know your audience is most active on the platform. This is a perfect way to optimize your budget. 

  • Create your Instagram ad

 Now it is time to create your Instagram ad. If you are following the above-mentioned steps correctly, you will also have unique content in your mind that you want to share with the people. You can choose any ad format that is mentioned above and start advertising on Instagram. This is very simple if you know what type of add you want to post on Instagram. This is the last step of the whole process. You can either use photo ad format, video ad format, or any other format that is best for your campaign. If you are a beginner, you should start from the simplest format, which is the photo ad format. Just post a photo of your product with a decent and detailed description. You can use multiple ad formats to promote your business once you understand how to advertise on Instagram. Determination and consistency can help you in achieving your goals. If you work hard and stay consistent, you will see that your business will grow immensely. These are the steps that you can follow and advertise appropriately on Instagram. You have to be consistent in your work. You will never succeed if you think that you will become the best social influencer on Instagram within days. Good things take time, and you have to be patient and just work hard until you achieve your goals. Just try to be creative while you create content for your Instagram ad, you will begin to receive organic traffic without spending a lot of money.