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What is Instagram Direct ?

Followers Cart is offering you Instagram direct message service. Where you can buy Instagram direct messages at very cheap prices. Instagram Direct message allows users to send messages to each other. Users can also send photos, videos, profiles, posts, hashtags and locations. Instagram DM can also be used for marketing. It can be more effective than email marketing because usually people ignore emails but don’t ignore inbox messages. Sending a message to everyone can be time-consuming and if you are sending the same to all that may include a link can harm your account. Your account can be blocked due to spamming. But don’t worry FollowersCart has a solution for you.

You can buy Instagram direct messages service at very cheap prices. Provide the message you want to send and the list of usernames who you want us to send the message. You can also send messages to the followers of a profile by just providing the username of that profile. The message will be sent by our professional profiles.

There are some information one should have kept in mind while using the service. When you send a post from your feed, the profile of the post publisher should be on public mode else the receiver of the message will not be able to view post in the DM. He must be a follower of the publisher to view the post.

When someone you don’t follow sends you the Direct Message, it appear as a request in you DM inbox. You will be able to accept the request or decline it. And if you allow a user or accept his request, he will be able to send you their future messages directly into your inbox.

Send a message directly to the DM with an attractive message and turn them into your followers and increase your post likes!

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