Best Time to Post on Social Media in 2023: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn

Best Time to Post on Social Media in 2023: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn

Whenever you decide to create content in social media, the main challenge you face is to get engagement and make your voice heard among the thousands of other content creators. There must come a change in tactics and strategies as the algorithms of social media are not like before. They don't follow the way of reverse-chronological timelines anymore and now rely more heavily on relevance. In order to have more visitors on the post, these things must be kept in every social media marketer's mind. Two routes to choose The most critical steps in making your voice heard are to learn when correctly to post on social media. There are mainly two routes you can choose: the first being to align your posting time to your audience's peak times so that you will get more audience and engagement. The second way would be to post on much quieter times as these times, your posts will not have to compete against other content for the viewer's eyes. To achieve any of this, you will need to carefully study your insights and then plan your social media publishing calendar accordingly, so your posts receive much more engagement then you already do. Learning when to post is crucial in bringing engagement. We have analyzed our own data to see when our customer base is the most active on social media sites and see at which times there were the most interactions on our post regardless of general peak times. Read on below to see what we deduced from our findings, as we explain what will be the best time to post on various social media networks. Below we are going to pinpoint which day is the best day to post on social media. We will also explain how you will be able to read and understand your own account's insights so you can also benefit from this data. Here are the best times we could deduce from our own social media account insights. Read below to find out the best social media posting times.


Best times to post on Facebook

It's important to remember that knowing the best time is certainly not enough, as your content must also retain authenticity. Authenticity is the key when it comes to engagement on the Facebook platform due to its algorithm. Going deeper and analyzing our data, we came to the fact that the day many industries have the most visitors is Wednesday. As the activity is at its peak on Wednesday, it fades on the weekends for most industries. Saturday and Sunday, people are giving time to other things leaving very few people to have engagement in your posts. Additionally, we noted that Facebook, as a whole, had the most consistent engagement during Tuesday and Thursday (8 am - 3 pm). Seeing how these days, most of the engagement happens, they can be considered a safe time to post. However, the lowest engagement each day occurs right after 5 pm or before 7 am. So it makes sense you might want to avoid these times to post. These trends can be used by many marketers to understand when audiences are active on Facebook properly. The audience's interaction is generally during the mid-days of the week and is consistently low early in the mornings and evenings.

Ideal Time To Post On Facebook: Consumer Goods

It's quite apparent that consumer goods are most searched for during the weekdays, with engagement that is consistent from Wednesday through Friday, 10 am - 5 pm. Then there comes a lower period of engagement every day after 5 pm and before 8 am. One thing that most B2C and retail companies must understand in order to achieve success is that they need to pinpoint what the audience is seeking when they look up to their brand. Tools similar to social monitoring and listening are key to understanding the type of content your audience really wants. This content can be anything ranging from inspirational posts to conversation starters.

Best Time To Post On Facebook: Media

The studies we conducted reveal that media companies will have no problem reaching the audience on Facebook. 74% of Facebook users are coming on the social media giant every day, and most of these users also come to get their daily dose of news and discussion about the current events that are going on. The media companies get one of the most engagement throughout the entire week. The weekend just like most of the industries, is a bit lighter, but audiences are still coming up and seeing what is happening around the world. From 8 to 10 am and around 5 pm, most of the audiences are checking up on media posts. The engagement gets the lowest once the clock goes past 6 pm and early before 5 am.

Best Time To Post On Facebook: Education

When Facebook first started, it was meant as a social network for college students. Yes, we admit Facebook has come a long way from how it began to the social media giant it is right now; still, educational institutions do make a lot of impact on social media. Compared to other industries, nights and mornings are the best times for school-related social media content to get some attention, with some bursts of activity on the weekend. Social media can play a key role in many schools and students with campaigns that keep students updated on the significant events and updates on their campus. If you are looking to interact with your students, then these are the perfect times to engage with them.

Best Time To Post On Facebook: Technology

Data reveals that tech and software companies require a social media presence in order to interact effectively with their audience. The companies have almost 86% of their IT consumers on social media to help them inform decisions. Be it B2B or B2C audiences; the studies show that the best day to post on Facebook is Wednesday, leading you to maximum engagement. There can also be seen opportunities to post throughout the workweek, with engagement staying consistent from Monday to Friday, 9 am - noon. Mornings seem pretty active when it comes to the tech and software industry. However, engagement decreases as the workday finishes, with the least engagement happening after 6 pm every day.

Best Time To Post On Facebook: Finance

The workweek is quite generous to the financial institutions as the engagement is pretty solid, especially at the beginning of the day from Monday to Friday, 9 am - noon. The engagement stays quite solid till the banks and exchanges are open, as when the clock goes past 6 pm, the engagement drops down to its lowest. While it may seem tempting to start a social media presence to interact with your audience, it will be in your institutions and your customers best interest to make your team understand best social media compliance practices so your posts can stay successful giving your a lot of engagement on the platform.

Best times to post on Instagram

Instagram now comes at second place when it comes to the most logged-in social media site for daily use, and it's estimated the user base will keep on increasing over the years. Instagram shows similar global usage trends to Facebook, with the engagement being the most around the middle part of the day during the week, and dropping down on weekends. When looked as a whole, the most consistency in engagement can be seen on Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm. The engagement drops down every day before 6 am and after the clock goes past 9 am. However, when compared to other platforms, there can be seen some levels of slight engagement in the weekends and mornings. These small levels of engagement on fewer peak times can be connected to stories. These stories allow users to check on anytime, as they require mere seconds to see. To find out the best timings to post on Instagram according to your industry and the relevant audience, read on below.

Best Time To Post On Instagram: Media

Media companies have somewhat of a unique trend of engagement when it comes to Instagram, with most levels of engagement being seen between morning and afternoon. Additionally, the peak time can be seen on Friday, and the consistency in engagement can be seen the most on Monday through Friday between 9 am - 10 am or 2 pm - 4 pm. Quite similar to what we see with other industries, the engagement is the lowest before 5 am and after the clock goes past 9 pm. Be sure to learn the elements that are essential to making a great Instagram photo, making you shine in the dense competition

Best Time To Post On Instagram: Technology

Tech companies that are addressing a B2B audience might be under the thought that their content is just not compelling or great enough to form an Instagram strategy. However, the case is entirely different as there are several ways to come up with B2B content that is not only interesting but also compelling for any platform, including Instagram. The best ways include but are limited to highlighting employee stories, supplement case studies, and a compelling video. You can also develop an overall design language that, as specific signature colors, can be inspired by your logo design process. Engagement opportunities are also not in short when it comes to tech companies. With peak times being on Wednesday, there is a consistent block of engagement that can be seen throughout Tuesday evening to Wednesday afternoon. Additionally, midnight to Friday also gets high levels of engagement. The lowest engagement that we recorded was found on Saturday afternoon and stretched throughout Sunday.

Best Time To Post On Instagram: Finance

At first glance, it might not seem like a good idea for financial institutions to get an account on Instagram. However, several ways can get you a content strategy. These ways include but are not limited to, highlighting events, customer stories, and expanding your audience by bringing in articles and video content. If you are still looking to start your social media presence, see it as a beginner's guide, analyzing the peak times to post, and coming up with your own social media publishing calendar to help you stay on track. Additionally, keep an eye out for consistent blocks of engagement that we found to occur in the afternoons of mainly Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Best Time To Post On Instagram: Recreation

Recreational destinations have one of the most successful types of posts when it comes to Instagram. Travel destinations and companies have benefitted fully from the social media giant as it is an entire network to highlight the appeal of any recreational destination. Anything ranging from beautiful views to great meals can be highlighted on Instagram. Engage with your customers during the peak times we told above or maybe tried posting at times when you are going to get a more reliable level of engagement. These times are from Monday through Thursday, 8 am - 8 pm. The lowest levels of engagement can be found before 6 am and after the clock hits 10 pm every day.

Twitter From The Earlier Stages

Twitter was emerged as one of the leading platforms for celebrities to interact with their fans and to present their views. Nowadays, it has become a top spot for brands and individuals to connect with the audiences by direct means. There isn't just a single mode, but many of them to network with the audience. One can send direct messages, mention brands they follow, talking about a specific trend through views, and many times by directly mentioning the brand or platform they're associated with. If you want to build your brand and make it flourish, you can do it just by using the fantastic listening solution, which will open new opportunities for getting relevant feedback for your clients. It can also help them get different perspectives on your content, services, and products.

Ideal Time To Post On Twitter

Staying at the edge of every mouth and trends among the audiences must be a fundamental part of your Twitter marketing strategy. For getting the best engagement ratio, you tend to line up your strategy. You must do it content-wise to let yourself aware of the utmost attention of the audience on your content. You can organize your schedule to hit the peak time ideal for posting on Twitter, i.e., 9 am on every Wednesday and Fridays. Also, you can play it safe by posting anywhere between 8-4 on weekdays. However, it is a bad idea to post on weekends, especially Saturdays, as according to a survey, Twitter experiences the lowest engagement of that day or after 4. It appears that the audiences on Twitter are early birds and want themselves to be filled in with the latest news as the sun rises, so you must post the latest news about your brand or your latest content.

Best Time To Post On Twitter: Consumer Goods

The key to channeling customer care on a social platform is expertly handled by Twitter. It is very important for retail brand and consumer goods suppliers to craft campaigns and strategies to respond and manage the incoming messages from customers about the queries or feedback. The brands providing consumer goods must act as reactive and proactive side by side on the platform. This includes the promotion of products, shout outs to positive customers, and maintenance and thorough update on the latest content schedule. You have to thoroughly schedule your posts to increase the number and worth of posts by planning and researching about the peak time on Twitter related to your niche. For consumer goods, the most reliable time to post the content is on Sundays early in the morning till dusk. Twitter supports posting on the weekends considered them to be the top days, compared to many different niches and consumer goods engagement on other platforms. It is essential to ensure the team for adjustment of the schedule of your content as per that.

Best Time To Post On Twitter: Media

The best platform which carries as a special place is clearly Twitter, as it has launched to be among the celebrities sharing their level of content, i.e. media. Many actors, influencers, journalists, and many leaders express their views and share their ideas all day from different parts of the world. If you are related to the media industry and are willing to be among the most talked and most trending options, you should go for Twitter. It helps you to excel in a particular subject or niche, ensuring the knowledge or advanced searches and analyzing strategies for a consistent finding of productive feedback helpful to expand users. According to the recent surveys, media is the only niche that has very flexible hours for publishing their content calendar on Twitter. The best days to post for media-related posts are Wednesday and Thursday at 9 am. For consistent engagements, you can also post throughout the week from 8-1. However, between Monday and Wednesday, there isn't a strong chance of engagement between 5 am to 9 am as people have a variety of things to watch these except Twitter media.

Best Time To Post On Twitter: Education

One of the many advantages of Twitter is with the help of it, parents can get connected with educational institutions to keep an eye on their children's activities. New parents can also homeschool their children with the help of expert teachers, lecturers, and guides from all over the world. People don't usually look up to Twitter for education purposes, but the people who have experienced the deal must know the worth of their capabilities. If you are somehow related to the education industry who want to promote their institution about the student, engaging alumni for everyday purposes, or updating people about different happenings in the field, then Twitter is here. The ideal hours to post this type of stuff is between 5 to 6 pm on weekends as many students or even parents get their time-off on those days, which can increase overall engagement. Other than that, you can also get your desired engagement with the help of teachers working all over the weekdays from 9 to 2.

Best Time To Post On Twitter: Technology

There is no hidden fact behind the tech-savvy fan following on Twitter. These are the people who are extra active on Twitter more than any other platform. These include gamers, developers, manufacturers, etc. who want to gather the latest information about the launch of a particular hardware or the next-gen game. Twitter is considered the busiest channel in terms of technology, as many software and tech companies are fighting against each other to win the race of being the best among their opponents in the field. If you are considering publishing any fact or launching particular hardware, you best draft the right content and post it at the right time to engage relevant consumers better. As per the latest findings, Tuesdays are the best days to post such content at around 9 am collaborating with Wednesdays and Fridays between 8 to 1. You can also carry out engagement other than working hours every day to keep people connect with your platform.

Best Time To Post On Twitter: Finance

Another significant aspect of Twitter is that it has transformed into a significant destination for major discussions from all over the world. These discussions can be media, education, recreational, healthcare, finance, etc. suiting people belonging to every type of niche. These conversions are happening internationally in many cases, such as bitcoins and stocks. The market uses different features on Twitter, especially the hashtags and other stock symbols for visibility and prominent searches around the globe. If you are interested in posting the latest happenings of shares, then the ideal day to post this stuff is Tuesday from 1 to 5 in the morning. For better engagement, you can mark Sunday as your post day as many tired employees tend to see finance at 2 pm.

Best Time To Post On Twitter: Recreation

Another treat to be considered by Twitter is the recreational destination features. It is a strong strategy for maintaining and managing reviews about a particular product to gather attention or engage more audiences towards a mutual cause. This increased engagement in customer care's social sector can significantly impact the awareness and reliability of a particular platform. This can help a brand to engage better than its opponents using the ultimate social media campaign strategy. According to our latest findings, many brands focus on Twitter for recreational purposes. The number of visitors on those types of platforms are comparatively lower than other platforms. That's the reason behind the limited expectations of direct audience engagement. For posting such aspects on Twitter, the peak time is Friday in the morning, which will increase excessive engagement. Whereas, the lowest engagement is said to occur on the weekends.

Linkedin & Its Heritage

The ideal purpose of Linkedin was to connect many sorts of people to reduce unemployment facilities. It also focuses on a particular type of audience except for the usual ones on every social media platform. It links with different social networks, including small and big organizations to hire people from all around the world according to their needs. While Linkedin is flourishing in its full pace and branching out many useful aspects, the data is broken down to separate industries for maintaining giving a more precise image of the actual use of networking in this digital world accurately.

Best Time To Post On Linkedin

The best part of posting through your Linkedin account can target a particular niche of the audience without any reason to neglect the platform's marketing power. Linkedin is the perfect combination of your brand's focused choices with the professional level of searches, and users motivated enough to set the base. It also supports business to business promotions, so the more users and marketers are associated with it, the more chances of the ideas emerging. Linkedin gives a headstart to some exceptional strategies and campaigns on different platforms, including influencer marketing, hiring, detecting the ability to lead, etc.

Best Time To Post On Linkedin: Data

If you are willing to share relevant and appropriate information helpful for users worldwide, then without a doubt, you can post on the most preferred time that is from 8 to 10 am on Wednesdays. Also, you can post from 9-2 on Thursdays and at 9 am on Fridays. To be safe, you can just post between the working hours as engagement usually drops after it. In this concern, Sundays aren't your days to post the content nor Mondays. There is a chance of lower engagement right about the weekends from professional audiences. You might also want to experiment with different types on the two different LinkedIn account types (pages and profiles) to see which times work for different accounts

Figuring Out Your Best Time To Post On Social Media

Without a doubt, people following the statistics and ratios of the timeline guided by different surveys to post on different social media platforms works for marketers and brands. It helps to fix the image on the audience analyzing their behavior and making strategies to recover the matter more effectively. However, as different social media platforms are continuously growing by each passing day, everything has expanded various opportunities for crafting new and innovative content by reaching the audience's unexpected target, whether it be the new networking features of any particular platform or the completely alternative platform. It is essential to know the basic tips for finding the best time to post your content on different social media platforms to hit your targeted audiences.

Tips For Finding Your Best Time

There are some essential tips for finding the best time to post on different social media platforms. These tips will be dependent on the success of your brand. It can be sure that the brand you're linked to is on the ultimate level of success compared to many other brands within your industry working on a similar niche. Also, it may be that assisting a particular demographic can be a daunting ratio for many people that isn't a piece of cake for fixing an extensive range of research and surveys. It doesn't matter what you're going through; all you can do is ensure the authenticity of your analytics with different relevant tools. After this, you can compare the difference between the quality and type of post and compare the ranges of the calendar set up by you. You can use these tools for cross-channel reports and tagging and separate different factors with the help of these, including media types, network types, and the influence of posting time on your brand's success. You can also break down the performance, which is considered a hectic task. However, these can be made more accessible by using different tools, sensing social data efficiently.