Top Cloud Computing & AI Influencers to Follow on Social Media

Over the years, cloud computing and its services have become quite popular. This has led to a rise in worldwide cloud computing investment in the corporate world, the technological sector, and the IT industry. It is one of the recruiters' most sought-after abilities. With the advent of social media, staying connected to cloud computer influencers and staying up-to-date with the newest technologies and trends is now simpler than ever.

Influencers in cloud computing are specialists in the field, assist you to grasp the nitty-gritty of the field. We will discuss the major influences of cloud computing you must know. Let's start.

 This post is intended to open the doors for the proper individuals to keep you informed of all the cloud-specific happenings. Whether you are a student or an enterprise, there is a lot to study and know, so you may intelligently follow your cloud journey

It is good to know the benchmark used for this ranking before constructing a list of leaders of cloud computing. This selection comprises cloud influencers from the technology and business sectors who have demonstrated their talents in improving the growth of their cloud companies and in developing their own personal brands. There are no specific orders for the influences listed.

Duncan Epping

He is the Chief Technologist – Storage & Availability at VMware, a prominent supplier of cloud and platform virtualization. In addition to cloud and virtualization, he is acknowledged as one of the top 50 world experts in storage and accessibility.

Under the storage & accessibility sector, it has received 5 patents. He is the first design expert accredited by VMware. He is a blogger and a regular keynote speaker on virtualized platforms. You may view his writings on the "" virtualization blog.

Gordon Davey

Gordon is actively seeking to increase awareness of cloud waste reduction and the general healthy use of cloud services. He now leads the cloud architecture for the multinational risk management and insurance business the Willis Towers Watson. He knows all of the 'as-a-service models of the cloud. A trustworthy figure in obtaining insight into multi-cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure and its governance. If you follow him, he can save you a lot of money to operate your cloud operations.

Vanessa Alvarez

With more than 15 years of industry expertise in technology, Vanessa Alvarez is the senior product marketing manager at Microsoft. Your expertise with cloud businesses such as AWS, Forrester, Scale Computing, and Microsoft is more than sufficient to designate you as cloud influents.

In Forbes' Woman's Tech Series, she was also highlighted. Besides cloud computing, she has demonstrated her expertise in a range of related fields, such as analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, advanced computing, distributed systems and their design.

Tamara McCleary

Tamara McCleary is a technological futurist, strategic strategist and a global brand specialist, ranked by Klear among the world's 1% leading social media influencers. In MarTech, Onalytica and the #1 leading woman in B2B marketing were both listed among the top 50 social influencers. She is also Thulium's CEO if that wasn't enough. A cloud industry pioneer, Tamara is dominant with her presence in social media.

Ian Moyse

In addition to a number of other fields such as the Internet of Things (IoT), SaaS software, etc, you can find the name Ian Moyse in the list of leading thinkers in cloud computing. He is currently working as sales director of Natterbox, a prominent cloud business providing telephone services operated on the Salesforce platform. You can hire a Salesforce consultant and get assistance for your needs.

He has his own blog, Cloud Matters, which deals with several problems covered by Saas, Iaas, Paas and IoT. Moreover, Oracle, Maximiser, Equinix, Miller Heiman, Cloudtech and many more may be found in his guest posts. Also, it is regularly included in different lists of cloud influencers and IoT masters. He is also a popular lecturer.

Scott Guthrie

AWS is not the only cloud provider to be updated while talking about cloud influencers. You need to know Azure's, Google Cloud, Oracle, etc's influencers. Scott Guthrie is one of Azure's top news and posting selections.

He is now the Executive VP of Microsoft's cloud and business group. Its prominent server-side framework- is well-known for co-developing. In addition, he is now responsible for the administration of all Microsoft Azure activities. So, if you don't follow him for real-time Azure cloud updates, you'll shoot yourself at the foot.

Jeff Barr

Vice president and chief evangelist at AWS  Jeff Barr is one of the most important individuals in the field of AWS. He participated in the establishment of AWS significantly. With three thousand blog articles on his blog on AWS blog, Jeff has lots to give on developing, upgrading, guidance and suggestions. A wonderful choice of voice to keep you conscious and forward.

Whether you follow hundreds of influencers of the cloud on several social networks, your list will not be complete if you avoid the legends of true cloud like Jeff Barr. He also has a personal blog,

Lori MacVittie

If you have an interest in cloud security that I suggest you have, Lori is a must have on your list. She is the principal technical evangelist in F5 Networks, a business specialising in application services and networking. During her previous stint at Cloud-Now, she was considered the top 10 female cloud influencers for several years. Besides cloud security, its competence includes application development integration, application delivery, application infrastructure, SDN security and DevOps.

David Linthicum

David Linthicum is chief cloud strategy officer at Deloitte Consulting. He has over 25 years of expertise in several fields of technology. He will also write for the famous IT blog, InfoWorld, from 2010 forward. In 2013, he was selected as a "9 cloud computing pioneer" by Information Week magazine.

On addition to appearing in several technical TV and radio talk shows, he published more than 13 books on computers, wrote over 5000 articles and presented more than 500 conferences. His outstanding skill in the cloud is enough to include his name on this time's list of cloud computing leaders.

Brandon Butler

Brandon is IDC's senior research analyst at IDC’s network infrastructure. It addresses Wi-Fi, WiFi, SD-WAN and network management industry and technological developments. He was a senior editor at Network World before becoming a reputable cloud reporter. before going on to this job, he held the repute.

You can still see his earlier writings on cloud adaption and transformation on the Network World blog page. Therefore, if you are seeking especially for cloud influencers that upgrade your cloud often, this individual must be included in your list.

Marc Weaver

In most lists, he's recognised for his cloud migration expertise. Marc is a frequent sight. He is the creator and chief executive officer of Databaseables, which delivers dependable solutions for AWS queries. With over 15 years of experience in database administration, he placed his expertise at the forefront and helps enterprises to properly migrate their data. Its technology helps consolidate, secure and stabilise databases effectively during its move to AWS.

George Anadiotis.

George is a jack of all technology expertise businesses. He has an incredible array of material available in many fields. It covers your business, whether it data modelling, blockchain, big data, analytics, quality assurance, software engineering, business aid and more. He is currently appointed the principal consultant of his own business advisory firm Linked Data Orchestration.

He is an 18-year-old analyst, journalist, engineer, social businessman, researcher, consultant and many more. He also helps to handle large data issues with ZDNet. Following it, the cloud's connection with other technologies will be opened up.