How to Add Filters and Effects in TikTok Videos?

TikTok is all the rage these days. Harbouring a massive fanbase, the video creation app has an estimated 800 million users worldwide. The app is full of fun and unique filters that helps its users to create creative content. TikTok also looks a little different from other social media apps, so if you are working on your first video, things can get a little overwhelming. Videos can be created for both postings in public or saving for yourself in private. In this article, we’ll guide you through all the tips and tricks you need to know about Tik Tok’s filters and effects. So bookmark this site, so you can keep coming back whenever you need some information on the different filters available on the social media app.

What are Tik Tok filters?

If you have been familiar with Instagram’s filters, you’ll have no trouble using TikTok as they work in the same way. A filter applied to your video will change its look and possibly add different effects to your video. For TikTok, the filters are divided into 4 different types: As you can tell by the name, each filter is made for a specific situation and come with its own colour palette to apply to your videos. Experiment with different categories to find which one suits your setting.

Adding filters through TikTok app

Filters are a great way to change the look of your video. They don’t change your video as much as effects do, as filters are only meant to provide subtle changes to your content. They are in nature quite similar to Instagram’s photo filters. You can use these Tik Tok filters in your videos:

How to create a TikTok video

Finding things on TikTok can get a little confusing for those new to social media apps. They are a lot of options to choose from, so here are a few steps on adding a filter to your content on TikTok. Locate the TikTok icon on your IOS or Android device and tap to open Press the blurry + icon in the centre You can either upload previously saved video or tap the Red icon to record a new one

Adding filters

After you have recorded your video, you can add different attractive filters to your content. You will be given different filters to apply to your video, and the best part is you can see a live preview of them too. As discussed previously, the filters are divided into different categories for different situations. However, as long as the filter looks good on your video, you don’t need to worry about what category it belongs to.

Set the intensity

The intensity of your filters can be changed through the white dot on the screen. This is nice to have as you can tweak the filter according to your liking. Experiment with different filters and once you like what you see, close the menu.

Remove all filters

There will be an icon that looks like a line going through a circle. It will be on the left side of your screen. Tap it to start a new, and remove all added filters. When you are done editing your video and want to finalize it, then tap Next. You’ll be asked for some things about the video and then you can tap Post. Congratulations on your first TikTok with filters!

What are the TikTok effects?

Now if you want your videos to stand out then you need something more than just filters, you need TikTok effects. Effects are a creative way to alter your video completely. Unlike filters, they heavily affect your videos and can change everything from your background to hair colour and facial features. You can make your video in a garage and then add effects to change the look of your environment while changing yourself to look like an alien. So to a creative mind, these effects have a lot to offer. Similar to filters, TikTok effects are also divided into different categories: Once you have recorded your videos, a new set of effects are presented to mess with your video even more. Visual: Change how your video looks and add things such as rain, stars or bubbles. Sticker: Works similar to other social media platforms, enabling you to add 1 sticker to your video. Transition: Perhaps one of the most effective effects in TikTok videos, the transition effect will allow you to zoom, rotate your videos multiple times. Split: Does exactly what it says, splitting your video into collages. Time: Another very popular effect in TikTok, you can use the Time effect to slow down or reverse time. All these effects are added after your videos have been recorded. To add them there will be an icon on the bottom of your screen. The step by step process is also listed below.

Adding effects through TikTok app

Just like we showed earlier, the visual effects in TikTok can be added either before or after your videos. Different sets of effects are given in both situations, so an effect available to add before the video might not be thereafter it’s recorded. So plan your video accordingly and use these TikTok effects in your videos.

Adding effects before recording

Similar to filters, TikTok effects added before a video will be shown in real-time so you know how they will affect your video. Here’s how to add them to your video: There’s a huge variety of effects available and some of them are downright hilarious. You can turn yourself into a dog, cat, or even an alien, enabling you to create really creative videos. Tap on the effect, watch the preview and select the one you like.

Adding effects after recording

Effects can also be added to your video after recording. Here’s how to add them to your video: The good thing about TikTok is how creative you can get with effects without any video editing skills. You can tap on the effect and let your video play when you let go of the effect, from there you can add a different effect to your video. This is a convenient way to add multiple effects to your video which can result in some creative moments. Tap the Save button when you are done and the video will be saved, and you can now share it with your friends. TikTok comes with a huge variety of effects but if none of them fancies you, you can add more from third-party apps.