How to Change Reddit Username in 2021

How to Change Reddit Username in 2021

A place that is destined to be for interactions through social media platforms is Reddit. However, if you fail to interact with an authentic brand or individual and drop into an unauthorized organization's hands, it'll result in a spamming and major fraud. You'll see such an account to be penalized, but only if the charges are proved.  People worldwide take control of this platform to learn about the latest happening and authentic stuff. If you have reliable detection knowledge and know-how to predict spam, then you might end up getting what you desire. The developers have decided to make major changes to the Reddit website to have the best quality and authenticity. It has gotten tricky, and now it's difficult even to change a username. For which you have to learn the prescribed steps of switching it on Reddit.  Multiple questions arise in our brain; however, we'll only focus on changing the display and username in this article.  

What is a Reddit Display Name

The name visible to the general public on your Reddit account is the Reddit display name. You can use your display name in the place of your username and let people know your deal. Your display name is changeable and can be altered any time, unlike the username.   

How Do I Reset My Username

If you are someone who has set their Reddit username in their early teen years and now regrets the choice, then there's an option to change it right away. It can be either username or the display name. There isn't a regular option for changing the Reddit username. However, you can reset it. If you have forgotten your Reddit username by following these steps:

  • Go to the Reddit login page
  • Hit Forgot the Password
  • Go to the link for account verification which you've linked with the account during registration
  • You can reset your account details from there, and it'll redirect you to your account, having a previous username; not a new username. 

Once this username has been chosen, it'll remain there permanently and not possible to change. This is the most frequently asked question by users on Reddit Hotline. This strategy is followed for reducing the cybercrime rate on the website.  

How Do I Change My Display Name On Reddit

Before getting any further into changing the name, you have to clarify that these are the steps to change the display name and not the URL. It is very easy to change the display name through the Reddit application. All you have to do is to understand these steps.

  • Go to your settings section.
  • Tap on the customize profile you'll view at the bottom left corner of your profile widget
  • After that, you'll proceed to the page to quickly make changes to your display name and save the new one. 


How Do I Change My Snapchat Username On Reddit

If you use Snapchat, then you must know it is nearly impossible to change your Snapchat username. It is stated in the Snapchat application code that the username isn't allowed to change very easily. However, you can change it through Reddit very easily.  Here are some of the few steps you have to follow for changing Reddit usernames or the username on Reddit application.

  • Initially, you have to tap on the gear icon appearing on the right corner of the application.
  • Choose your account
  • Tap on Name option
  • Enter your desired name
  • Click Save

This way, you can change your username into the one you desire.  


The most important thing to consider when being associated with Reddit, you have to decide between keeping a username after profound thinking. As once you've chosen your username, it's impossible to change it again. Unlike other social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, Reddit doesn't allow its users to change its username.