How to Create a Promotional Video For Your Product?

Do you want a promo video animation for your product and wondering how to make it?

In this article, we will guide you to making a professional looking promotional video. After all, video content can be utilized in various ways, you can use it on social media, on your digital advertisements or in your emails.

Well, yes creating a promotional video yourself seems really complicated especially if you are not a graphic designer or an animator. But the way you are going to learn in the next few steps is going to make a promo video pretty simple.

Benefits of Using Promotional Video for Your Business:

Let's first talk about some benefits of having a promo video to market your product or business.

How to get promotional videos for your products or services?

We are introducing you with a really simple and easy to use tool that helps you make pretty professional videos in a minimal time.

Make Web Video: Video Production Services USA

This tool is helpful in making animated videos for branding, marketing, and advertising. What you need to do is to select a template from their template library and start customizing with your needs. The templates come in Adobe After Effect format.

Movie Maker Online

This also come with templates that you can edit to make HD movie videos.

To create, you need to follow 3 simple steps:

1- Select a template:

You need to select the template of your choice form library of 100s of templates.

2- Customize the template

Customize the template with your own script or music, videos clips, photos and text.

3- Check for mistakes with a low-resolution video

This tool offers a free version of the video that comes in low resolution, you can make the video and test for the mistakes if everything is okay go to download the HD version of the video.

After Effects Templates

Make Web Video tool uses the after effects video templates which is widely used video production software by Adobe. One needs to be an expert to use this software. But allows you to produce the video easily in the after effect templates.

Mistakes to avoid while making a promotional video:

1. Over-selling

Don't be too much promotional in your videos. Try to focus on the education of the users. Users want to watch informational content. Too much promotion will disengage the audience.

2: Including too much in the video

Don't try to cram in every possible idea that comes to your mind, adding too much of the information makes the final product confusing and unfocused. Trying to include too much leads to a poor viewing experience and information clutter that becomes difficult for the viewer to digest.

3- Unclear Call To Action

At the end of video, users should have a clear idea of what to do to solve the problem whose solution is offered in the video. Include a strong call to action at the end of your video.

4- Not prioritizing the video duration

Duration matters! And it can be different for different platforms. Instagram videos that perform better are 30 sec to 1 min in length. Optimal video duration for Twitter is 45s, for Facebook it is 1 minute and for Youtube, it is 2 minutes in length.


Using the introduced tool, a professional animation can be made easily as the tool is quite user friendly and produce the videos in the best and widely used templates.