vs Rocketreach vs vs Lusha: Comparison and Review



If you are looking for a software for email verification, crawling contact information and lead generation, should be your first choice. With its chrome extension, it may turn out to be the best addition for your business needs. 

Detailed Review: is primarily a lead generation and email outreach plugin. The plugin is primarily designed to help users optimize outreach processes for their business. 

We all are aware that locating new leads for your business, or locating email addresses for  link building can sometimes consume a lot of time. But with, you can actually save a lot of time while doing link building. 

When it comes to website interface, won't disappoint you. The website features an easy to navigate interface. However, the simplicity also accompanies a lot of features. The features include email verification tool, lead management, campaign optimizer, bulk email management e.t.c. Features at are pretty much self explanatory. For instance, if you run an aviation blog, and you intend  to reach out to bigger blogs in the same niche as yours in order to build some links. All you will have to do is to simply  paste the name of a website in Hunter’s search bar. Once you run the search, the site will automatically present a list of people who are working for a certain website. The data would also contain their position, along with their official email address.

The site can be a good tool if the user intend to find email addresses by domain research and contact information. Aside from this, it also offers a chrome extension, which is quite helpful. The website also offers its users a decent and interactive user interface. However, just like other things, this site also has downsides attached to it as well. For instance, the pricing for its services are at a higher side. In addition to this, the website also doesn't feature a social media research tool. 

All in all, the website is a decent lead generation tool which can effectively optimize the outreach process for your business.

2. Rocketreach: 

The site is a demand generation platform which helps its users in acquiring email addresses, social links,phone numbers across the globe.If you are looking to acquire customers and increase customer lifetime value, this site would be your best bet. 

The site is an internet-based tool which looks for email addresses. The email addresses are acquired both from a company's domain and from people's emails and then are connected to the right decision-makers. This is done by using an accurate database of emails. Aside from this, it also features an advanced search which makes it easier to discover leads and helps find the right people. This also helps in  delivering the right message at the right time, that too at a very fast pace. Aside from this, the site also integrates with a large number of CRMs such as  SalesForce, HubSpot etc. 

Aside from this, the site is very easy to use. Unlike others, most of the emails which are sourced from this site are legitimate and can help boom your business layout. Not only this, the site works directly with linkedin, which may come handy and make your job easier if you are a recruiter. 

If you are looking for an email verifier, rocketreach should be your best bet. This is because it is the most accurate and up to date software when it comes to sourcing emails. What makes it even more fun to use is its unique feature where you can simply copy and paste a person's LinkedIn URL, and once you do it, you will be able to acquire the number and email of  the concerned individual. Aside from this, the site also features icons located in front of numbers which provides clear indication about the number whether it is fax, cell or landline number

The users will find this site helpful if they are looking to optimize their workflow management, contact list management. The site can also generate new leads effectively. It can also help your sourcing needs for various platforms such as  social media, email and linkedin. 

However, as with other things, this site also has its fair share of problems. At times, the site only acquires emails and fails to acquire numbers. Aside from this, the pricing is also on the higher side, given the fact that there are many affordable options within this range.

3. is the most effective and perfect CRM which can help its users by providing efficient contact management and powerful cold outreach. Aside from this, it can also help its users by finding more convertible leads. With the help of, users can also verify contacts, and track their lead's progress, and automate their cold outreach. Aside from this, the tool also helps a lot in saving your sales team's time which eventually helps in increasing your revenue. The tool also offers personalized automated outreach along with over 2000 integration options. 

The tool is arguably one of the best Marketing and sales web tools present in the contemporary market. Aside from this, the tool offers a huge database of Businesses and Decision Makers. 

The tool is fully automated and features an inbuilt CRM solution. Aside from this, the tool also offers different  types of email searches customized for individual needs. The tool offers single, bulk, domain email searches, social URL searches, etc. Aside from this, the tool also features an inbuilt email verification and email marketing platform, which makes it easier for individuals and recruiters to source people. The tool also offers company profile search to its users which provides an edge to the tool. With the assistance of company profile search, you can search Businesses Country, City, etc. 

The tool’s email finder feature is highly effective and accurate and can prove to be of much value for you and your team. Aside from this, it also features a very supportive browser extension which can help individuals with lead generation. The tool also features a  teamwork feature which allows users to save money as they can purchase only one plan for all of the team members. This money saving feature makes it easier for the firms who are already short on budget.

The only downside attached to it is that there are times when their email finder stops working with LinkedIn pages. However, the effective and timely response by their customer care can save your day.

4. Lusha:

The tool has a strong emphasis on helping business professionals in establishing true and reliable connection with their leads, contacts, and candidates. We all are aware that business to business engagements are primarily based on trust. With the help of this tool, you can easily build that trust by using its features which allows you to vet authentic business profiles. 

The site is quite accurate when it comes to finding correct contact details. The data acquired by this software does not require any double checking given the fact that it is highly accurate. Aside from this, you do not need to copy paste every time. Due to its integration feature, you can easily sync contacts to CRMs without any difficulty. Aside from this, you can also track the progress of your lead. With other tools, you require an excel sheet but when it comes to lusha, even a person with no technical background can integrate, thanks to its modular based approach. 

Aside from this, the site also offers a prospecting tool that allows the users to narrow down people on the basis of individuals who are more likely to buy your product. The users are not required to use the LinkedIn search bar every time. They can simply populate the lists which will react better to their sales pitches. What makes this app more unique is the fact that It always provides accurate information about the contact details irrespective of whether it comprises emails or not. 

In addition to this, the tool is very fast and very easy to use. Its chrome extension streamlines the entire process up to a great extent. What makes this tool really attractive is the fact that it provides an accurate number and email of LinkedIn. This comes in handy if you are a cold caller. Aside from this, the interface of lusha is also very simple and minimalistic, which makes it easier for non technical people to use it. 

Final Words:

All of the aforementioned options are one of the best CRMs. By using them effectively, you can generate successful leads. That said, each of the aforementioned options have their own pros and cons. You will have to prioritize your requirements and choose an option accordingly.