Most Instagrammable Places in Miami

There is no second opinion about the fact that Miami is well known for its beautiful sights. In addition to this, the city also offers opportunities if you wish to take incredible holiday photos. The city lets you post photos of renowned art deco hotels, beach sunrises, and twilight cityscapes. Aside from this, you can also witness the wildlife in all its glory. The city also offers many spectacular sightseeing options, be it colourful street art or Cuban landmarks or quiet beaches or picturesque bay views, Miami will provide you with plenty of photo opportunities. 

Following are some of the best Instagrammable places to visit in Miami.

1: Key Biscayne Beach:

Key Biscayne Beach is situated on the main coastal stretch of the town. To be more precise, it is on the namesake barrier island in Florida. The city is a perfect spot for Instagrammers given the fact that it has soft-sand beaches that face the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to this, this beach is the nearest to the town. Also, the beach is flanked by 2 large park beaches which can be convenient to access. The beaches are named as Crandon Beach in the north and Cape Florida Beach in the south .

These beaches are ideal for someone who loves recreational activities, given the fact that each of these beaches offers different views as well as recreational activities. If you are there with the family, it could turn out to be a time of your life. The beaches provide you with the option to enjoy either on the sand or in the calm waves. In addition to this, they all offer serene coastal views along with a sense of escape away from the busy lifestyle of the city. Also, the ride to Key Biscayne itself is worth experiencing . The road to the beach offers the travellers with the scenic drive over the Rickenbacker Causeway which offers coastal views lasting upto Biscayne Bay.

2: MacArthur Causeway:

This is one of the best Instagrammable spots in mexico. Underneath MacArthur Causeway provides Instagrammers with some of the best views of the crystal canyons, Biscayne Bay, and the Port of Miami bridge. If you inquire about one of the best places, then it is on Watson Island. The watson Islands provides you with a spot where you can park your car and can enjoy and capture spectacular views across the bay. The accessibility to the MacArthur Causeway is also very easy. You can simply get there via the next exit for Parrot Jungle. Aside from this, make sure that you visit the space beneath MacArthur Causeway during the day and night. This will help you to get pictures of boats on the water and the illuminated bridge. In addition to this, You could also get brilliant sunrise and sunset pictures. 

3: Ocean Drive:

Ocean drive is one of the most Instagrammable places filled with themed cafes, beachgoers, art deco digs, and booming all-night gigs. The ocean drive runs parallel to the Atlantic Ocean. The drive features a row of busy venues on one side and the beachfront Lummus Park on the other side.

The ocean drive is in the heart of the party-hearty Floridian city.  Many blockbusters films have been shooted here, which provides all the more reasons for it to qualify as an Instagrammable spot. . The area is one of Miami's top tourism and entertainment hubs. In addition to this, the area is filled with hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants, and clubs.

A plus point is that the area was declared as a pedestrian-only zone in 2020, which makes it safe for travellers. Due to it being declared as a pedestrian only zone, the bay has seen a surge in new tourists. 

4: Newport Fishing Pier:

Previously known as Sunny Isles Pier, it is one of the most top notch relaxing places for families, locals, and travellers from all over the world. It is located on the beach behind the Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort. The site was initially opened in 1936 but later on was demolished several decades later. However in 1985, a joint effort done by the resort owners and the city authorities saw a significant renovation to include shopping, fishing, and dining.

Later on in 2005, Hurricane Wilma destroyed the original pier named Sunny Isles Pier. It caused severe damage to the spot which ended up  compromising its safety. However, after a span of 5 years, the pier was demolished in a bid to construct the new Newport Fishing Pier, which was later on reopened for the public in 2013.

5: South Pointe Pier:

If you are looking for perfect Instagrammable spot pictures along with fishing, kayaking, and viewing the coast, South Pointe Pier would be your best bet. The pier is located within South Pointe Park, which is without a doubt an expansive park.  The park offers some of the best views of the South Beach shoreline in the city. When it comes to the viewing platforms, one can easily see the skyline of City centre Miami, Fisher Island. In addition to this, you can also see the cruise ships of Port Miami. Aside from this, the park also has many other amenities to offer for fun in addition to taking pictures. This includes barbecue along with picnic areas, a swimming beach, an off-leash dog park, and walking trails. The pier also has a dedicated water park for kids.

6: Venetian Bridge:

The aforementioned place is a bridge over Biscayne Bay. It connects Miami with Miami Beach. The pull features several lanes for vehicle traffic on the bridge. Aside from this, the bridge has dedicated lanes for walking, jogging, and biking. If you are an Instagrammer and love taking photos, you can take shots of the bay and the barrier island of Miami Beach and the city skyline. There is no second opinion about the fact that the bridge is a great spot when it comes to taking photos of the city and the boats on the bay. Aside from this, you can also take pictures of the attractive lamps, railing, and bridge details.

Final Words:

When it comes to Miami, there is no other city like it. And being Instagrammable is one of those things. Aside from this, the city has world class beaches. If one is to say that there are few beaches in the world which can compete with the sandy beaches of Miami, it would not be an overstatement. Also, if you are a foodie by any chance, Miami wouldn't disappoint you. Also, if you are not a big fan of winters, Miami should be on your list. Sun in Miami shines all year long. You won’t be needing any coat or jacket, thus you can go easy on your luggage. Also, if you are a fan of arts and craft, the city will not disappoint you. The city is filled with art deco buildings. To sum it up, it would be justified to say that in addition to being Instagrammable, the city has something for everybody.