How to Unignore/Unmute Someone on Messenger/Facebook

Facebook was one of the earliest social media platforms that let users connect and share their lives with other people. Facebook provides an excellent opportunity to connect with even those with whom you lost touch many years ago. This platform is a great way to be part of groups, share information on shared interests and professions. On Facebook, you can also send private messages to your friends and colleagues. But many a time, you may receive annoying notifications from unrelated people. These messages can be a headache if something is not done about them. In these cases, what you can do is that you can ignore the contact from whom you don't want to receive the message without necessarily blocking them. After muting the messages from them, you won't get the notification. But once you have mute/ignore the messages on Facebook, what if you want to unmute them back? So here, this article will provide detail to unignore messages on Facebook and messenger. But before unignoring the messages, you should know how to ignore chats. For many of you who don't know how to ignore the messages, here are the simple steps to follow:

How to unignore someone on Facebook messenger

The steps to unignore someone are easy. The different devices may have a different setting to unignore someone.

Messenger Unignore on Android Device

Messenger Unignore on iOS Devices

The iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad may have different options from the android devices so let's see how to unmute someone on Facebook messenger on these devices. Now you can find that person in simple chat options

Messenger Unignore on Personal Computers

Messenger Unignore On personal Computers ( App)

The ignore and unignore is a convenient feature that Facebook has introduced for its users. This feature has saved many users from going into the trouble of blocking the contacts who they do not want to reply. These messages will go into message requests, and until you unmute them from there, they won't bother you in the future. On the other hand, when you want to go back to that contact, you have muted before, that is equally easy, and all the steps have been discussed in detail.  

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