What is Clipboard on Instagram? How to Find it?

Instagram is a platform where you share stories and images. The more amazing posts you share, the more views you can generate. Sometimes, you don't have any content ready, but you can make the most of other fantastic internet content to keep up with your post consistency. For this purpose, you can copy text or image from another platform and paste them via Clipboard on Instagram.

Now the question is: What is Clipboard On Instagram?

It's a board shaped place on your Instagram application. This board will save all those media or text files that you have copied from somewhere else. The clipboard is a database of your recently copied files from other internet resources like Facebook, Twitter, and others. How to Use Clipboard on Instagram Using a clipboard on Instagram is quite simple. You need to click and hold the text area for one second, and a clipboard will appear. It will showcase your available copied files and images. You can pick either an image or text from these available file databases when planning to post a story on Instagram. However, when you create a new post, you can only paste a copied text from somewhere else; you can't paste an image in your Instagram post.

How to Access Clipboard on Instagram?

Do you want to get access to a clipboard? It's possible to have this access through two methods.

Method No.1 Post Sharing Page

You can access an Instagram clipboard when you make a new post. Here is what you need to do.

Method No.2: Story Sharing Page

How to Find a Clipboard on Instagram? Another way to access a clipboard is to go to the Story sharing page. This option lets you copy and paste both text and media files. Here is what you need to do.
  1. Go to a website, copy an image or text from there.
  2. Go to Instagram.
  3. Swipe right to get to the camera option.
  4. Click on the gallery button(bottom left side) from the camera page.
  5. Pick an image.
  6. Click on the Aa button on the upper right side.
  7. You will see a text entry box, tap and hold on to it for a second.
  8. The clipboard button will appear; now choose a material you copied.
  9. Paste it into the text entry box.
  10. Even you can select an image that will appear on the photo that you already select. You would be able to change the size of that new image and create a story with a pasted snapshot.

Where's the Clipboard on the iPhone?

When you want to paste copied material on the iPhone, you will follow the methods mentioned above. Both will let you access the Clipboard on the iPhone. For accessing Clipboard on an iPhone, you need to click and hold a text field for a second, and you can see a copied file that you can paste into the text box. You should know that, unlike android phones where you can copy any text or media files, you won't save so many copy files on your iPhone. You can access only one recent reproduced material from any platform. It's a bit of volatile memory in iPhone as the minute you copy another text from somewhere, it would overwrite existing copied content.

Where is my Clipboard on Instagram?

You can access clipboards on Instagram when you either create a post or a new story. There is no direct menu option to get access to all the files that you have copied. Story and post sharing pages are two places where you can easily find clipboards on Instagram.

Wrap Up

If you want to find a clipboard on your device to copy/paste some material, it will only be accessible through the story or post sharing page. There is no physical location where you can check all the items you have copied so far. I hope you have got a complete grasp of the concept of what is Clipboard on Instagram. Follow this guide and find Clipboard on your smartphone and start sharing some remarkable stories and images on your Instagram. And, if you are interested to buy Instagram followers UK you can visit Followers Cart UK.
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