What to Do If Your Instagram Feed Won’t Refresh

You may finally get the time to sit, relax, and scroll your Instagram feed. However, as soon as you refresh the feed, the 'Couldn't Refresh Feed' sign will be teasing you ruining your mood. After this, usually, people restart their routers or sit back and forget the idea of going through Instagram. If you are one of the people facing this error while logging in to your Insta profile, then you're at the right place. We have compiled this article with the help of our tech experts for helping you to fix this issue right away.

Things Affecting Your Instagram Refresh

One of the leading platforms widely used for sharing images and videos is Instagram, as we are well aware of it. It offers a wide and vast medium of sharing short videos and images to its users. A fascinating thing about Instagram is it gains around one million new users every month. It is popular among its users because of its extensive editing options and diverse filters. You'll observe this application working just fine most of the time; however, very rarely you can see some trouble signs as well. There can be a huge number of elements responsible for causing trouble on your feed and making the error appear again and again. These things are responsible for making your feed stuck with the old posts. We'll tell you how you can get your Insta profile back in order.

Why Couldn't Instagram Refresh The Feed?

Feed loading failure seems the worst when reloading any site. There can be many different reasons behind it. Here are some of the major reasons that trigger error loading your feed, making your Instagram experience frustrating.

REASON 1: Unstable Internet Connection or Restricted Package

You'll be psyched to know that your beloved application, Instagram can only perform well at the conditions prescribed by its developers. This means you have a stable network connection. The connection could either be 4G network or Wi-Fi; however, it should be steady to work perfectly on your smartphone. As you know, in many parts of the world, people don't have a stable Internet connection because of improper infrastructure and reach of design. Not only that, but some mobile carriers have bounded their users to utilize a restricted percentage of the internet. You may face such restrictions while reaching the end of the month. If you have used around 80% of your mobile plan, then your network providers limit the speed or data usage of the network connection. This is one of the major reasons behind the Instagram lag.

REASON 2: Using The Outdated Version Of Instagram Application

At Instagram headquarters, the developers are always making efforts to enhance the platform or elevate its features by crafting upgraded versions of the mobile application. Keeping your application updated is a crucial step which not only allows the application to run without any errors but also brings new features to the table. The essential element of updating the Instagram application is to have a sufficient amount of data. Most people don't have much storage or a stable network because of which they choose to restrain themselves from updating the app and choose it manually. If you are one of those users and have forgotten to update the app, then you must be using the older version. Outdated versions are also reasons why Instagram may face different issues which includes the Instagram "Couldn't Refresh Feed error."

REASON 3: Other Reasons Fueling TroubleShooting Error

Another fact that most people don't know is that the backend language fueling Instagram is Python. This language is considered to be the most complicated computer programming language discovered to date. Even if it has the smallest bug, it could be turned into many different problems in which 'Couldn't Refresh Feed' error is also included. These are some of those errors which you'll see popping out of nowhere. You'll find everything running smoother than ever, and all the conditions are optimal, then suddenly a common error appears like a loading error. You cannot always find a permanent or even a long-lasting solution to this error; however, you'll see the issue be resolved in no time.

Other Reasons

Above mentioned reasons are one of the common causes of the feed loading error in Instagram. However, system UI failure or mobile hardware malfunction. Whatever the reason is, you may want a solution. Along with our tech experts, we've compiled some of the coolest techniques of solving the Instagram Couldn't Refresh Feed error.

Fixing Instagram Couldn't Refresh The Feed Error

There isn't any rocket science behind fixing the disrupted Instagram app. You can follow some of the basic steps, and with almost 10% of knowledge, you can resolve your feed error quickly and effectively. These are some of the tried and tested techniques of fixing loading errors by our experts. So, without wasting any second let's dive into the top troubleshooting tricks that can easily fix the "Couldn't Refresh Feed" Instagram error.

METHOD 1: Check The Network Connectivity or Restrictions

If you are observing improper response or trouble loading your Instagram, then you've to check if the internet is working properly. Check whether your smartphone is connected to the network connection Wi-Fi or mobile network. If you'll find it connected, then it may be facing one of these three issues. Once you have resolved all these reasons successfully, try loading your Instagram feed again. However, even if you face the same issue, then there can be another reason for this problem, go to our next solution.

METHOD 2: Reboot The Device For Fixing The Error

Some people face the couldn't refresh the feed error because the smartphone they are using has a low RAM capacity. If your Instagram is lagging, then you may have one. To resolve this issue, you can reboot your phone cleaning all the unnecessarily opened junk files. After that, you'll be free from that issue. FOR ANDROID USERS FOR IPHONE USERS Most of the time, many complications are solved by rebooting a device. Even if your device is experiencing the problem, then this may be not your issue, try using the other trick.

METHOD 3: Delete Any Inappropriate Content

One thing you may don't know is that posting any ill-suited or improper content can bring trouble within your profile many times. The actual definition of inappropriate content is any comment, photos, or videos which can negatively affect any Instagram account. You can follow these steps if you have anything inappropriate on your feed. Even after following all these steps in the correct order, you're facing the Instagram Couldn't Refresh Feed problem, then you can try our next step.

METHOD 4: Updated The Instagram Application

Having the old version of Instagram may cause the 'Couldn't Refresh Feed' error. If you have not updated your application, then not only will it get slow but also be a target of many hackers. Once you find it out, run fast to update the application. Here are some easy steps to update Instagram is some easy steps: Hopefully, the reasons explained by us for the trouble loading of your Instagram feed and the solutions for it will be helpful for you!