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Getting likes that automatically deliver every time you post on Instagram! Do you want to know how it works with Followers Cart?

250 Auto Likes

  • For Next 30 Post
  • Instant Delivery

500 Auto Likes

  • For Next 30 Post
  • Instant Delivery

1000 Auto Likes

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  • Instant Delivery

1500 Auto Likes

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How to Buy Automatic Likes?

First and foremost, you have to subscribe to our website. Once the subscription gets verified from Followers Cart, you will be able to get auto likes on your Instagram posts. How it will be done is pretty straightforward. Our monitoring system will detect your new post/s without your reminder. It will then send real likes on your video or picture, whatever you publish.

Enjoying real likes without buying it as such is the real charm of this service. Nevertheless, you have to order  for a subscription!

Buy Instagram Auto Likes

Purchasing Instagram Auto Likes

Getting nearer to your set agendas and milestones, you must buy Instagram auto likes from Followers Cart right now. Buy instant auto likes by following three easy and comfortable steps!

Step 1 – Choose Package: 

There are several packages on Instagram Auto Likes on our website. Select one as deems fit for your needs. You can ask for guidance and free of cost consultation if you face any trouble in deciding the package to go for!

Step 2 – Place an Order:

After deciding the package, you need to share your username and nothing else! Besides that, you also have to let us know which posts need auto likes.

Step 3 – Payment and Delivery:

We have many payment gateways. Choose whichever suits you the best and place an order. Delivery of the opted package will start within a few seconds.

Features of Instagram Auto Likes from Followers Cart

Matches Views: Free of cost views are send taking the number of likes you have in the profile. 


Legit and Real Likes: All the likes that we send to resonate with the profile are legit (belong to someone real). These profiles are from all across the world. 


24/7 Customer Care: Contacting us during, before, and even after getting automatic likes is possible. You can contact us through customer care, email, or even via calling on our business number.  


Automatic Recognition: As soon as you publish or post a video or image on Instagram, our system detects and lets you get new likes automatically.


Delaying Likes: You can even slow it down or speed up the likes amount according to your needs. It means you have the authority to control the number of likes you want in each post (in every minute).


Easiest Cancellation Process: The cancelling process is as easy as buying a procedure. You can cancel the order due to whatsoever reason. There are no terms and conditions for contracts for cancellation. 


Money Back Assurance: To make sure that Followers Cart is providing exactly what you need, it facilitates you to call or contact to get a full refund. Naturally, it is applied only when you are not satisfied with our service.  


Arbitrary Likes: You get customized and random likes on posts. Not all posts get an equal number of automatic likes, though. There is a fair chance of getting 5 to 10 percent of more likes to make likes look real and natural.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Buying Automatic Likes from Followers Cart 

Here are some of the most frequent questions that are asked before, during, and after buying automatic likes from Followers Cart. If you have any query which is not catered in this section, do let us know so that we can assist you in getting perfect likes. Also, we will add your queries in here so that others can get benefited too.


How frequently can you change username? 

Technically, you should change username after every two days or 48 hours.

Is it necessary to set a profile in public mode while getting the delivery? 

Yes, it is pretty important to let your profile be in public mode. Reasons for doing so include the Followers Cart system that can easily recognize the most recent posts. It is also vital to set your profile in public mode to ensure deliver subscribed auto likes. However, if you are skeptical about being followed by random profiles and are interested in keeping a profile on private more, you have to make sure of certain aspects. First of all, your profile has to be in public mode at the time of uploading a new picture or video. After posting or publishing a new post, you have to let it be in public mode for at least two to five minutes. After that, you can put it back in the private setting.


How many posts (videos and/or pictures) can you publish daily?

You can post as many posts as you want. However, there is a limit to that freedom. Posts shouldn’t be less than four and more than twelve on a single day. The number of posts increases and may decrease as per the plan you have purchased. In case your plan doesn’t permit 12 posts, but you want 12 posts to get auto likes, then you will be asked for some extra charges. You can contact Followers Cart’s support to get new or renewal of package bought.

Can you get automatic followers too?

Followers Cart ensures about two auto services for now – auto likes and auto views. We are still working around the third auto service – auto followers. Like our page on social media platforms and subscribe to the newsletter to get updates and news.

Why do you need to give out your password? 

Nobody from Followers Cart asks you to provide personal information. That includes an email address, password, or credit card number. However, we will need your username to make the process of buying swifter and more straightforward.

How Followers Cart provide you with real likes? 

We do not follow unethical or wrong ways to provide you with auto likes. For that, we follow a process that is legit and approved by the Instagram authorities. The process, however, is simple; as soon as you post a picture or video, our team members do complete analysis of the posts in real-time. After which they decide if it falls in the Instagram Likes Facilitation Program or not. If they do, you get instant auto likes on your post.


Is it possible to cancel the subscription? If yes, how is the process carried out? 

Yes, according to the needs and requirements, you can cancel our subscription. You will need your username to make the cancellation though. Complete guidelines shall be given out by the customer care unit. Therefore, contact us without any hesitation, and we will surely take care of your requests.

Why is it important and useful to purchase automatic Instagram likes?

The use of Instagram is increasing rapidly. Every day is a new day when it comes to social media popularity. It gets challenging as well as complicated to do everything manually as it takes a lot of time, energy, and expenses. With auto likes, you get a better engagement rate, a boost in traffic, and better prospects of leads and sales. Besides that, prospects of getting featured increase big time.

How long do you have to wait for receiving automatic likes on post/s? 

As soon as your picture or video is posted or published, the system senses them automatically within a few seconds (30 to 35 seconds precisely). From that second when it detects a new post, our system allows you to set the timer (from the moment you post something to four hours from the time of posting) according to your preferences and personal requirements.

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