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Instagram is emerging as the fastest and most used social media platform. It has millions of users. These users are increasing every single day! Initially, Instagram was used by influencers or those who wanted to exhibit their profiles in particular regimes. Now, it is used by brands, companies, entrepreneurs, and almost everyone. Since this medium is getting popularity in marketing and selling, most of them rely on buying Instagram services which include followers, likes, comments, views, and shares. All these services help you gain milestones, goals and follow visions without much hassle.

Therefore, getting more comments becomes a need. A requirement that allows in generating leads to your aims.

10 Instagram comments

Real HQ English +ve Comments
$ 4
  • No Spam Comments
  • Delivery 3 ~ 6 Hours
  • Emoji Can be include

25 Instagram comments

Real HQ English +ve Comments
$ 10
  • No Spam Comments
  • Delivery 3 ~ 6 Hours
  • Emoji Can be include

50 Instagram comments

Real HQ English +ve Comments
$ 17
  • No Spam Comments
  • Delivery 3 ~ 6 Hours
  • Emoji Can be include

What do Instagram Comments do to your Profile?

The first question that may come in your mind is about the importance and need for comments on Instagram posts. It helps in getting attention from prospected clients, customers or buyers. People somehow get connected easily and build a long-lasting relationship. They also make links to the community and transmit good vibes for the one who owns the profile. Furthermore, comments help in giving exposure to your profile. The reason being, a larger amount of comments makes your Instagram profile look unique, legit, and worth following. The bigger amount of comments gives credibility and authenticity to your Instagram profile.

buy instagram comments paypal

Buy Instagram Custom Comments – Followers Cart


Followers Cart delivers the best custom comments on Instagram posts, stories, and videos at the most economical rates. These comments are mainly written by the clients to have complete control of the posts.

Procedure to Buy Instagram Custom Comments

Buying Instagram custom comments is pretty easy and simple. All you are required to do is to follow these steps.

Step 1: Write Custom Comments

Step 2: Pick a Package from the Homepage

Step 3: Place the Order

Step 4: Pay for the Package

Step 5: Get an Instant Delivery

Why Buy Instagram Custom Comments?

Generally, Instagram is used for two purposes: for personal use or professional use. Both of these accounts need some credibility. Doing so credibility increases and that is what Instagrammers are in search of. So, when someone buys custom Instagram comments, they getter better reach and required trustworthiness.

Who should Buy Custom Comments for IG Use?

Anyone can buy these comments. Means, whether the profile is new or old, these work for both. Once you buy these comments profiles have better prospects of growth.

Are Custom Comments Safe for Instagram Posts, Videos, and Stories?

Custom comments bought from us, Followers Cart are safe and confidential. Viewers don’t get to know that you have purchased them and look similar to those which are written by organic users. Also, we are 100% safe because we never ask about private data (password to your IG profile or username).

Who Writes Instagram Custom Comments?

All the comments in the category “custom comments” are mostly written by the buyer. They give us custom comments by the buyer who tells where to use it (in what so ever post). We deliver minimum of 5 custom comments where you want!

Advantages of Buying Instagram Custom Comments from Followers Cart

Here are some of the main reasons why you must opt for buying custom comments from us, Followers Cart;

Instant Delivery

The requirements and needs of the customers are noted carefully. After discussing everything with the customer, we tend to provide the best custom comments at the least possible rates. Also, we make sure to deliver an order within 2-3 minutes. However, the delivery time is determined on the package that the customer buys. If someone purchases around 200 comments with us, naturally it takes a tad more to deliver the order.

24/7/365 Customer Support

We aim to provide full support before, during, and even after buying our services. This is so that you can get the best experience with satisfaction. Our representatives are therefore always present to get your queries solved. So, there is nothing to worry about and in times of confusion, just get to us using customer support.

Comments from Real Users

Custom comments are delivered within a few minutes where the users are real and not fake. These profiles are of high quality. Nothing is fake and complies with the terms and conditions of Instagram.

Other perks of buying our services in the form of custom comments are mentioned here;

  • Comments are given from real IG users
  • Every profile that leaves a comment has a complete profile (bio, profile picture, etc.)
  • 100% safe with instant delivery
  • We don’t remove comments and are permanent
  • Comments are from IG users from the entire world
  • Offensive comments are not materialized in comments

Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Comments

Here are some of the main questions which are asked frequently. They mainly are related to buying Instagram comments from Followers Cart.

Note: We add questions as they are asked by our valuable customers. If you have any query which is not addressed, do let us know through email, message, or customer care unit.

Buying Instagram comments from Followers Cart is safe as well as secure. The reason being, our professionals in the team are working on the formulation of the best combination for SMM (social media marketing). Their experience in promoting your Instagram profile is not restricted to how or what to comment but it also includes promotion through different means. In short, they work on the prime needs of the customer and then design a package accordingly. Also, we at Followers Cart apply only those methods or strategies which are approved by Instagram. That’s why our services at Followers Cart is free from risk factor. Anyone and everyone can opt for the purchase of Instagram comments!

Ideally, the delivery of Instagram comments takes place within a few seconds. However, it may take from half an hour to one hour to complete the order. It is only when our professionals are busy handling many orders at the same time. Even then, there is nothing much to be worried about. It’s because 99.9% of customers’ orders start within seconds. We at Followers Cart are working on both, human and technical resources to keep up with the real-time traffic.

Well, a brief answer would be YES! Here is the explanation of the why part. We at Followers Cart will help customers with custom commenting – something that is functional the same way as random commenting. However, there will be a slight difference between random and custom commenting. In custom commenting customers can write their custom text for selected posts. One can use up to five different comments on the list though.

Each and every person who will comment on the posts will be different. It will be as if someone regular is commenting. Also, to make sure that these are the real ones, profiles will have a profile picture, followers, and even a few posts on their own profiles. However, there will be some similarities in these profiles. One of the main attributes of these profiles will be the number of followers they will have. If it is something you are happy with, then this might help you too! To check on the packages and prices, contact Followers Cart’s customer service.

No, our professionals who provide Instagram comments are not able to see posts on which comments are needed or applied. But that definitely doesn’t mean they will not be able to handle Instagram marketing campaigns. It also means that you aren’t supposed to keep the public mode on 24/7, round the year. It is optional if you want to keep the public mode on or off.

Nevertheless, you have to keep the Instagram profile in public mode at the time of placing an order. Also, you will be required to stay in public mode until the order is delivered. Setting it back to the private mode after getting delivery is advised.

Note: if you set your profile on private mode during or at the time of placing an order for Instagram comments, then there is a high risk of not getting delivery.

Yes, it is pretty must possible. All you have to do is to select a package for Instagram comments. Then, provide Followers Cart with your Instagram username. Once done, it will be possible for you to choose posts on which comments are required. Comments can, however, be spread on one profile in different posts.

All we need from you is an Instagram username. Yes, we don’t need a password for your profile. It means your profile will stay safe and secure while the process is completed.

At Followers Cart we do everything to keep your confidence and trust intact. For that, we keep your privacy as our priority by keeping your integrity into consideration. No one comes to know about the purchase made on commenting services of Instagram. It is, however, dependent on you if it is okay for you to share it with others or not.

It is very much possible to get a package where you can opt for all three – comments, likes, and followers. But yes, there is a probability of both, low or high engagements after choosing the package with all three services. We at Followers Cart suggest you to go with some extra followers with comments. It is to keep you away from speculative questions. It is like if you get hundreds of comments but don’t have many followers, people may have this question in their minds (if you are legit or not). Also, it is more effective to go with combination services which include a mixture of everything we offer. These tips will help you in getting known within a few months.

There isn’t any chance of getting your Instagram account or profile banned. Buying Followers Cart’s services in the form of comments or anything else is not wrong, it is absolutely legit, and has built the trust of people. There are thousands of companies which and individuals who look up to us, professionals and team members at Followers Cart to make their social media marketing campaigns functional. These are the companies that rely on us blindly. Since we have stepped into this field, we have never gotten any complaint about getting an Instagram account banned. Also, your information is removed in due course of time and never lets anyone know that you have purchased comments, likes, views, followers, or any other service.

No! we don’t need your personal information. However, we will be requiring your username in order to make the delivery successful.

If you want to place an order for Instagram comments at Followers Cart, then make sure you have at least five comments for one post in mind. Yes, there are packages which may suit your need. Buying those could give you better prices. It is like if you buy 30 Instagram comments then you can select around 6 posts; keeping 5 comments for each post.

You can place a number of comments for an individual post. However, you must bear in mind that each post should have a minimum of 5 comments. If you talk about the maximum comments that Followers Cart has delivered, then it is approximately 2000 comments. It takes less time for anything like five comments for one post. Likewise, it takes more time for posts which are greater in number.