Male/Female Followers

Followers Cart always does it’s best to provide unique and supreme services. The services that no one else can offer. Gender-based services are for you if you’re interested in a specific gender fan following. If your business niche is female-oriented then you can buy Instagram female followers. And if you think male followers will work better for you then you can buy Instagram male followers. This service will be a great help in getting a more targeted and engaging audience. The audience can be your potential customer as well. So proceed to buy Instagram female or to buy Instagram male followers. Choose any package that suits you the best!

1000 Male Followers

100% Male Followers
$ 15
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1000 Female Followers

100% Female Followers
$ 17
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2500 Female Followers

100% Male Followers
$ 39
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Why Followers Cart?

Massive Instagram Audience

Instagram has more than a billion monthly active users (MAU). MAUs not only just visit the site but also engages with others and spends a huge time on it. Hence, makes it 3rd largest social media platform after Facebook and YouTube. Such a massive popularity not just attracted the common people but also businesses and influencers. Now IG is one of top digital marketing place in the world.
This pretty amazing audience can help you achieve your goals. FollowersCart makes it easy to increase your audience by saving your time. Now, you can utilize this energy to pursue your dreams and goals.

Instagram: Best Platform For Youth Marketing

The youth of age between 18-29 makes 64% of the Instagram users. As Instagram makes them feel more connected with their loved ones. It has made IG the best social network for marketing to youth globally as well as locally. Diverse audience of IG attracted almost every type of business to market on it. If you want to target youth for marketing then FollowersCart is the best place for you.  Most of the followers belongs to youth and just some clicks away from your profile.

Buy Instagram Female Followers

Female gender makes 47% of the Instagram user base. And most of which are youth so it is best to use it for women-oriented business marketing. You can buy high-quality real Instagram female followers to reach the targeted audience. The gender based follow can help you in your business more effectively.

Buy Instagram Male Followers

Male gender makes 53% of the Instagram user base. If your business is gents based then it is advised to buy Instagram male followers to reach the right audience for your business. We are here to serve you with our cheap and instant services. Buy now to extend your customer base.

How To Increase Engagement on Instagram?

This has observed that engagement with brands on Instagram is higher compared to Facebook and tens of times higher than Pinterest and Twitter. To have a huge engagement, the first thing is definitely having a huge fan following. You can buy followers from us at affordable and best prices in the market. After you get the followers there are some tips to increase your engagement:

  • Post quality content
  • Ask questions in captions
  • Post with consistency
  • Use the best suited hashtags
  • Post stories consistently
  • Always reply to comments
  • Post fun as well
  • Do giveaways
  • Know your top posts and then post more content like that

Personal Profiles Vs Business Profiles

With an Instagram business profile you will have access to all features of a personal profile except going on private mode. Plus you will have some perks of using a business profile. If you have planned to promote your business on Instagram then is it recommended to switch to a business account. Because you will have extra features. Some of them are:

  • Instagram Insights:  An IG analytics tool which lets you know about new followers, reach, profile impressions, number of posts, site visits, and email clicks and followers’ demographics.
  • Instagram Ads: You will be able to create ads or promote your posts. IG uses powerful advertisement features like FB.
  • Contact button: You can add a button on your profile which will let you add a contact number or email.
  • Links on Stories: Clickable links can be added to your posts which will increase your site traffic.
  • Shopping and Checkout: You will be able to add products in your posts with link to your product page or you can use entirely Instagram for product posting and checkout.

You can have a clear idea of how a personal or a business profile looks on Instagram.