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Transform Viewers Into Fans and Navigate The Path To Youtube Stardom, Where Your Videos Meet A Captivated Audience!

Becoming a YouTuber is one of the finest career paths today. However, making people watch your YT videos is difficult, especially when you are new on YouTube. Unleash the power of sharing for unparalleled exposure. Buy YouTube video shares in the US and let the extraordinary sharing spree commence.

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FollowersCart to witness the tremendous growth of your YouTube channel. We provide 100% real, active, and permanent shares that significantly extend the visibility of your content. 

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Why Buy YouTube Video Shares? 

Buying YouTube shares can provide you with a number of lucrative benefits. Find some of the crucial advantages below:

Enjoy Increased Visibility

Investment in purchasing YouTube video shares lets you enjoy enhanced exposure and better reach. When you buy YouTube shares, you get the chance to tap into millions of  YouTube users. And this enhanced exposure leads your video to become more visible along with higher engagement, more views, and a broad audience reach.

Earn Through Monetization  

When it comes to generating revenue from YouTube, there are several opportunities for content creators, such as advertisements, sponsored content, and partnerships. Buying shares for a YT video boosts its reach and exposure on the platform. And as the video gains popularity and accumulates views, YouTube shares 55% of the ad revenue with the creator of the concerned monetized channel. 

Get Collaboration Opportunities

As soon as you become a viral influencer as a result of buying YouTube shares, leading brands start approaching you to promote their products and services. Hence Investing in video shares can provide you with access to influencer marketing opportunities. As a YouTube creator with 50,000 subscribers, you can charge around 2000$ for an endorsement from a brand. How fantastic is that, isn’t it?

Why Do Shares Matter For A YouTube Video? 

Shares play a crucial role in the success of a YouTube video. Here are some critical reasons why you should buy YouTube video shares:

Social Proof and Credibility

Shares of a YouTube video speak a lot about its creator’s credibility and authority. When viewers see that a video has been shared by a number of other users, it creates a sense of validation and trust. People are more likely to watch and engage with content that has already been shared by others, as it signals that the video is worth their time and attention.

Supplement Engagement

Shares can significantly impact the level of engagement a video receives. When viewers share a video, it often prompts discussions, comments, and likes on the shared post itself or on the original video. This increased engagement not only boosts the video's visibility but also enhances its perceived value, as it indicates active viewer participation and interest.


Potential For Virality

Shares are essential for escalating the viral spread of your content on YouTube. When you buy YouTube shares at cheap rates, your YT video rapidly gains momentum and reaches a massive audience. Viral YouTube videos have the potential to accumulate millions of views and take their creators to new heights of popularity and success.

Algorithmic Influence

When it comes to ranking a video, YouTube algorithm considers various factors, including the number of shares a video receives. A huge number of shares indicate that the related video is resonating with viewers. As a result, the algorithm increases its visibility within YouTube's recommendation system, potentially leading to even more organic reach and exposure.

Why Choose FollowersCart? 

Here are some of the compelling reasons proving why you should buy real YouTube shares from us:

Secure and Quality Delivery 

Being a reliable provider of YouTube growth services, we always prioritize the security of our customer’s data. That is the reason, you’ll never find us asking you to disclose your sensitive data, such as passwords, and login information. The only things we need to process your order for YouTube shares are a link to your YouTube channel and your email address to reach you.

Multiple Affordable Packages 

To save you from paying extra for the surplus shares you don’t need, we have versatile economical packages available for you. You can select any package as per your requirement for the YT shares and available budget range to witness the exponential growth of your YouTube channel without breaking the bank.


Secure Payment Gateways 

FollowersCart always strives to make the shopping experience for our customers totally risk-free. To enable hassle-free and secure transactions for our clientele, we have partnered with some of the most reliable payment gateways, such as PayPal, Visa Card, and Mastercard. Furthermore, our site is SSL encrypted, hence none of your transactions are stored on our servers after the checkout.

100% Money Back Guarantee

When you buy YouTube shares from FollowersCart, we make sure to give you the best return on your investment. The real shares that we provide actively contribute to your channel's success and never go away. Nonetheless, if you are unsatisfied with a certain delivery, inform us. And our team will issue you a complete refund for any order that is not fulfilled. 

24/7 Excellent Customer Support 

Are you going to place your order for this kind of service for the first time in your life? If “Yes”, you don’t need to panic! Our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you before, during, and even after placing the order. In case of any query, suggestion, or feedback, feel free to contact us. One of our customer support representatives will be in touch with you to assist you in any aspect related to our service. 

Is It Safe To Buy YouTube Video Shares From FollowersCart? 

Absolutely yes! In fact, it is one of the core strengths of our business. FollowersCart is famous in the market for providing YouTube shares without causing any harm to the channel. 

Here is how we make it happen: 

Guaranteed Authenticity in Every Share

At Followers Cart, we take pride in delivering YouTube shares with unwavering authenticity. Our commitment to genuine engagement ensures that each share is sourced from real, active accounts, contributing to your video’s credibility. We provide a secure and effective strategy for boosting your YouTube presence. YouTube blocks or demonetizes the channels of only those people who violate the site’s terms by buying inactive or bot shares. Thus, with us, your account is 100% protected and secure.

Building Trust With Genuine Engagement

Trust is the cornerstone of our approach at Followers Cart. We have built a foundation of trust with our clients through genuine engagement. We have a massive network of real people, focusing on real interactions that resonate with your target audience. Thus, for any YouTube growth service that you buy from us, be it shares, YouTube subscribers, comments, etc. We provide 100% real, active, and authentic YouTube accounts with a history of prior activities fostering trustworthy relationships.

We Don’t Use Inactive Accounts

One of the main reasons that make FollowersCart capable of processing your orders without any bar on your YT account is that we use active YT accounts in the process. YouTube blocks or demonetizes the channels of only those people who violate the site’s terms by buying shares, delivered via inactive or dead YouTube accounts.

We Don’t Deliver Fake Shares 

 FollowersCart carries a massive network of real people who provide you with real shares using devices with unique IP addresses. Thus, any YouTube growth service that you buy from us, be it shares, subscribers, comments, etc, we provide it via 100% real, active, and authentic YT accounts with a history of previous activity. 

How To Buy YouTube Shares? 

We make it extremely easy for our customers to make a smooth checkout. To buy any of your favorite YouTube shares packages from FollowersCart, just follow our super simple 3-step checkout process mentioned below: 

Step #1: Select your favorite package from the resource page.

Step #2: Provide us the link to the YouTube video for which you need shares, and your email address. 

Step #3: Deposit the fee for your selected package choose your payment method (You can buy YouTube video shares with PayPal, Stripe, Visa Card, or Mastercard)

Step#4: Click on Pay Now

Step#5: Congrats! You've got your preferred package. Now that the process has been enabled, let it run.

That’s it! Chill out now, our experts will deliver your order soon after the payment confirmation and you’ll readily be able to see the impact of your investment.  

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Results may vary, but many customers notice increased visibility and engagement shortly after the video shares are implemented. The speed of results usually depends on many factors, like YouTube updates or any upgrade in the algorithm, but the complete order will be delivered within the time mentioned on the package.

YouTube video shares involve distributing your video content across various platforms and networks. This service enhances your video’s visibility, increasing its chances of reaching a wider audience. More shares often translate to improved engagement and a higher likelihood of going viral.

There is zero chance of seeing a decrease or disappearance in YouTube shares. It is because of the fact that our shares come from real YouTube users, the ones who have a proper profile on YouTube.

No, it will not delete or ban your channel or videos if you buy YouTube shares from us. The reason is, our work ethics are not that which may be categorized under “red flag”.

Yes, you can track the progress of the video shares with our services to ensure a transparent and smooth process to monitor the effectiveness of our service. Write your order ID in the tracking search bar and track your order.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not satisfied with the results, please contact our support team, and we will work with you to address any concerns or provide a refund if necessary. It rarely happens when a customer asks for a refund because our clients know that we cannot compromise on the quality of our services.