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Collection of Personal Information

In order to provide our services, some of the personal information will be recorded. All the information taken from you is in order to provide the services, without which provision of services is not possible. Please remember that information or data which is not required will never be asked. Followers Cart will like to know about your personal email address, Instagram username, and in some cases IP address (not always).

Email address is recorded after taking the consent of buying the services. It is also needed to send invoices or billing documents. Following are the probable situations in which your email address will be asked.

Email Address

– At the time of registering a profile in our website ( It will aid us to send notifications, new packages, changes in prices, etc. However, if you don’t want to receive such information, you can opt out by clicking the consent box. In addition to that, it will also be helpful when and if you forget password, modification in privacy policy, and breach of data.

– Email address is also important when you buy a package or place an order, use Followers Cart services for free trial, or make payments. In order to choose to test and experiment our services, you have to drop in your email address (that is solemnly utilized for marketing purposes).

– When you subscribe to our newsletter, you will be asked to provide email address. This will allow you to get to know about announcements and upcoming events. There will be a consent box where you will be required to collect, process, and store your email address for sending everything that is new or modified. However, this will be totally in accordance to our privacy policy.

– At the time of contacting us to discuss procedure or sort out a query via email, your personal or professional email will be recorded. It will be used in order to get back to you with the best solution.

Instagram User ID or Username

– It will help both the parties (you being the client and Followers Cart) to execute contractual obligations. In order to facilitate the you with the order of buying views, likes, or followers, Followers Cart will be noting down the username or ID.

IP Address

– in order to prevent site from malicious attempts and exploitations of various kinds, we have to check on the IP addresses. This is done automatically through a plugin that we have installed in our website. The information that is processed is in interest of protection and integrity of the website. Also, the database needs to be secured for which monitoring IP addresses is a must.

- Information collected in various accounts is stored in such a way that only the professionals of Followers Cart are able to use. Third party is not involvement in the sharing or distribution. However, data is used for marketing and internal affairs to make the business worthy and expandable.

- security procedures are applied after measuring and ensuring appropriate protection of information. Also, the information is used against any sort of misuse, modification, unauthorized access, and disclosure. Followers Cart has the authority of removing information upon request. We certainly make sure of removing the information but it will take up to 24 hours or one complete day to do the procedure.

- Collection of information is done automatically without any participation or contribution of humans. However, when and if your contact is made through email, data that is within the email is processed by human being. That is done so that the query can be handled without any issue, in a professional and smooth manner.

- Personal information can be modified and/or erased upon request.

Sharing and Storage of Information

- Information is stored in servers which are maintained and controlled in agreement to privacy safeguards. Information may be transferred from one server to another but will always remain safe.

- Information is not stored for long period of time. Instead, it is kept for a while in which the entire procedure of delivering of likes, views, or followers takes place.

Retention and Holding of information

- If and when you create an account in our website, your information will be stored with us till the account is active. It means, your account will be deleted as soon as you delete or remove your profile/account. However, your information will stay safe with us for 30 days as a backup plan. After which it will be removed from the server.

- In case you don’t have not registered in our website but have chosen us to render services, some of your personal information will be kept. That information will be deleted after 15 days.

Involvement of Third-Party Services and Websites

- There could be links to external websites in our sites or emails. We don’t cater those links under our service or site. Also, we shall not be accountable for any privacy policies practiced by those website links. In case you choose to open external links that will be done at your own risk.

- We do use third party services which include Google Analytica, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook Pixel to keep a check on web traffic and user behavior. We have also enabled IP anonymization in Google Analytica to keep privacy concerns intact. Material, data, or information is always used in accordance to Google Privacy policy and Followers Cart’s privacy policy.

- Marketing codes are used in Google AdWords which enables our professionals to log along with users to check their activities on certain areas of the website. It helps us in targeted marketing. You can opt out from this type of advertising by checking on the consent box.

Modification of Privacy Policy

- Followers Cart has the right to modify, change, remove, and add components on privacy policy at any point of time. However, you will be notified through an email if you have registered with us. Otherwise, you have to check it every time before making a purchase with us. Always look at the date which is mentioned to see if it is an updated version or not.

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