Refund Policy

Followers Cart fulfills all the orders happily without any singlet for all kinds of services. We deliver the orders without any hesitation with the live version. It's a rare chance if you are having any trouble. Below is some information about the refund policy of the company.

How To Connect With Us

You may reach out to our friendly and professional support team via email. If you are facing any issues during or after placing your order, during delivery of your order, or you see a drop in the likes, followers, etc (which is not usually the case), just send us an email and you will have someone from the support team in touch with you shortly.

What We Offer

Followerscart provides services that are sustainable and backed by the 30 days refill guarantee. If you face a drop in the number of Followers, Likes, Comments, etc, we will refill it with some bounce just get in touch.

The Subscription (Auto likes, Auto views) will expire within 60 days.

Scenarios That Can Cancel Your Refunds

  • Your IG account is suspended or content is removed for some reasons by Instagram.

  • If you change your username, you will not get any refills.

  • If you've opened a case with PayPal or filed a chargeback with your MasterCard company.

Consider a full or partial give-back if;

  • We are unable to deliver your order due to some technical issues within our system.

  • We are inoperative to deliver the order because of an Instagram update, an Instagram account issue misunderstanding about the service, which caused to stop the delivery.

  • Once the order is in progress we will be unable to refund that. You will need to hold on for the cancelation or refund.

  • If services are partially delivered and you would like to cancel the order for the delivered amount of services, then we will charge partially.

In case you are not happy with the services that you got, you can reach out to us within 4-6 working days and we will make it cheerful for both of us.


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