Terms and Conditions – Followers Cart

1: General Terms and Conditions for Services

1.1: Services provided by Followers Cart are only restricted for buying likes, comments, views, and followers of Instagram.

1.2: Client will never violate terms and conditions of Instagram community. It means, posts that have nudity or other obscene material will not be published at any cost.

1.3: Exploitation of any sort, knowingly or unknowingly, is prohibited.

1.4: At times due to some technical errors, delivery may take more than expected time. This will be considered normal and clients need not to worry. They can call our help line or support team to get a clear picture about the delivery of packages or orders placed. However, late delivery doesn’t mean that clients are eligible for getting a refund.

1.5: The amount you order for a purchase is not guaranteed. It does not mean clients will get less amount. Instead, it is to mention that they will possibly get a bit more. If delivery is less than the amount for which they have placed the order, support team should be informed.

1.6: Followers Cart provides high quality Instagram followers. In case ,followers drop it is due to Instagram’s algorithm updates.  We always try to improve our services.

1.7: In case profiles seem to reduce in number, clients are requested to contact our support team which provides instant solutions whenever and wherever you want. Again, in this case, refunds will not be made.

1.8: Refills or replacements are guaranteed within 30 days of placement of order. Warranty of refills is only limited to the latest order placed (and not prior to that order).

2: Payment

2.1: If client is buying services from us, Followers Cart, they have to be sure about the purchase. Also, they are required to know that they can’t file a fraudulent dispute on PayPal, bank, or other payment gateways.

2.2: If a client tries to file a fraudulent act on any payment gateway to get the refund, we are authorized to ban your profile on our website, ban and report your Instagram username/profile, and remove your IP address from the website.

2.3: Refund will be provided only when and if the client does not receive the order. Otherwise, we are here with the support team to make sure to solve the queries.

2.4: At the time of buying services from us, clients agree to Terms of Service set by PayPal and state.