Adding Hashtags to Instagram After Posting, How to Do If It is Possible

Adding Hashtags to Instagram After Posting, How to Do If It is Possible

We all want more traffic and visits to our Instagram posts. After all, how can it be a social post if fails to attract people? But sometimes it becomes difficult to attract an audience based on the content of the post, so other strategies are used. One such strategy is the use of hashtags on Instagram.

Why include Instagram hashtags?

Hashtags are a powerful tool to make your content discoverable on Instagram, yet fewer people use them, and even fewer hashtags are used. Either it is cumbersome to type them, or there is a lack of understanding which hashtags are suitable for use. They will bring in the audience, increase the reach of your content. For instance, a blogger wrote about a healthy lifestyle and included content about #health, #proteins, #exercise, and a #balanced diet. If all these keywords are added as hashtags, people looking for these topics would be able to reach this content faster. So, on Instagram, posts with hashtags attract more traffic than the one without them.

Is it possible to add hashtags in an existing post?

Many times we forget to post hashtags while posting the content or we want to add them in our older posts. So, the questions that we need to answer in this blog are: Can we add hashtags to our Instagram post after posting them? What should be done? How does it happen? Let's take a closer look at this issue and see if it Is possible. For a start, let me give you the good news that yes, it is possible to add hashtags after making a post.

How to add hashtags after posting the content?

You can always go back and edit your Instagram post once you create it. Adding hashtags to Instagram posts is always possible once you post them or make them live. One way to do this to edit the caption of the post and include hashtags in it. Another way to achieve this in your existing posts is by including hashtags in a comment on your photo. This will allow the blogger to reap similar rewards like the one who added in the beginning. c Follow these simple steps to add a hashtag to an existing post.

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Go to your profile
  • Click on the photo in which you want to add hashtags.
  • To the right, you will find three dots, click on them, an options menu will open.
  • Here you will find the “Edit” option that will take you page that will allow you to add hashtags.
  • Add the hashtags on the photo with the “#” symbol as you would normally do.

One pro tip here, try to search the most relevant hashtags before adding them. You can also make use of Instagram's suggested feature hashtag. Notice how easy it was to add hashtags into an existing photo to make it more visible to the audience. We know that hashtags are employed to attract an audience, so the right ones will help you grow your business, so spend some time and choose wisely because they can give life to a dead post and bring your offerings to the forefront.

Quick Way of Adding Hashtags on Instagram

There's a shortcut way of adding hashtags to your Instagram post, videos, and media content once you upload it. You need to edit the caption and now write down your hashtags there in the comment section of your post. After including the hashtags to your post, you need to make sure that it is working fine. Click on the hashtags to see if it is leading the page where people have uploaded their images and media, such as normal posts and videos. If it does not work, go back and edit your post once again and edit the hashtags without using letters and special characters such as @ or symbols. Your hashtag will work just fine this time. If your hashtag is still nor working fine, it could be one of the following three reasons..


Private Profile: If you have kept your profile and you try to put any hashtag, it might not appear publicly on any page. It's simply because you have chosen to keep your profile private.

Characters: You can always add numbers and alphabetical letters while writing your hashtags for the posts or comments. However, you are not allowed to use special characters. In case you have included any mistake. Remove it and try clicking on your hashtag to see if it works.

Limitations: You can always add hashtags to your own posts on Instagram only. You can never edit or use hashtags in the posts, video content, and images of other Instagram users. Moreover, you can only use a maximum of 30 hashtags in one Instagram post. If you fail to add more, count how many you have already used in the post.