How to Add A Swipe Up Link to The Snapchat Story

Snapchat is a social media messaging app with various features. The app is entertaining the world in all the best and unique ways possible. Snapchat is one of the most popular and secure apps after Instagram. The most attractive thing about this network is its filters gallery, you get a chance to play around with different filters and effects. It’s fun to try out different lighting transitions to change the appearance and contracts of the images or videos. Another feature of Snapchat which makes it very different from several other popular social networks is that the messages or the stories that we post vanish after a specific time. In the start when it was launched, it simply was a messaging app, but with time it has evolved and become more diverse. . Now we can share photos, videos as stories and do live streams. In addition to it, there's one more exciting feature launched by the app recently, allowing you to share a link. It can help you make your content more widespread than it already is.

Link sharing:

Link Is a type of reference to a specific document or website, personal blog, story and page where you have posted something valuable. Sharing your link is very convenient for the viewer as it provides them with more information related to your content by using these links. In general, Link sharing is a very common practice that people now use to enhance their social media presence. There was no option before for putting clickable links anywhere in the content before. Now, you can add a link to your Snapchat story to optimize your posts. Moreover, It also lets your followers read the articles you like by just swiping up the link.

How to add a link to the Snapchat story:

To take full advantage of link sharing, you first have to learn how to add a link to a Snapchat story. Following are the set of instructions you should follow to add a link in your Snapchat story: By following this series of steps, the audience can easily swipe up the link while watching your snap story. It is a very organized way and Snapchat swipe-up options make it even easier.

An alternative way to send the link, if the story link feature stops working:

The link that we post in our story is the most impactful way to reach the viewers, but sometimes there can be an issue with this feature. It can alter the Snapchat swipe-up option. So, there is an alternative way to send a link to your desired follower, which is by sending the link in direct messages. All you have to do is to open the chatting box, now you can either type the link as text, or you can copy-paste it. It is a very simple way which will be very helpful if your story feature gets problematic. Snapchat is a very versatile app. It allows us to optimize our posts very significantly, which lets us build our brand and profile. It is enabling different peoples to modify their content and also present it to the world in a very colorful and fun way. Snapchat is a very friendly and amusing app. It brings joy and happiness to people and lightens their mood. Being such a playful app, it connects people in a very strong bond. That is why it is very popular, and people often choose it as their favorite social media platform.


Link sharing is very common and trendy right now. The feature will help drive more traffic to your professional web page, blog and personal video site where you are sharing informative content. Snapchat is providing a very easy way for the users to add the links now without putting any unnecessary restrictions on them. The above-mentioned steps will provide you with a proper guide to do it very smoothly. By sharing a link on Snapchat, you can easily evaluate your community. Moreover, you can assess what your viewers like or dislike by checking the stats of the posts you have shared.

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