How to Get More Leads Using Social Media?

Social media is a surefire place to market your business and generate leads. Learning social media lead generation is crucial for every marketer. And the lead generation process needs to be handled with professionalism. If a business can't handle it professionally, they should go for hiring a professional agency, Exclusive Leads Agency is our pick for the best and exclusive leads generation service for multiple niches/industries.

In this article, we are going to serve you with some experimented social media lead generation tactics that can help you excel in your industry. Let's get started with the introduction.

Definition of a Lead

Lead is a potential customer who gave you their contact details by choice. Through the lead generation, you try to encourage people to give you their contact details.

A great way to achieve this is to offer them something valuable in return for the contact details, for example:

Product demos


Process Infographic (Showing some complete process)


Product or service discount

This value that users get in return for providing their data is called a lead magnet. Among other things, like discounts, gift certificates, etc., the content plays an important role here.

Lead Generation Social Media Networks:

Here is the list of tips that one should follow to attract the users and converting them into leads and ultimately into your loyal customers.

Create an optimized killer profile

Creating an optimised profile is vital to market your business. Provide contact information on every social media profile, proper call to actions and website links, if any, on your profile can help your audience easily find the way to contact you.

Creating Clickable and Relatable Content

Without engaging content, you will not convert your social media audience to leads. It's that simple.

Remember, every business on social media competes for attention. Images should be creative and sharp and the marketing copy should be sharper. If your goal is to reach potential customers, you need to align your creativity to attract them.

With interactive content, you want people to have a click on your CTAs wherever possible. Make sure, that each post has a compelling call to action.

Here are some more click options available on different platforms:
Tag products in your store on Facebook
Instagram story swipe up
Instagram shoppable posts and stories
YouTube cards and endscreens

User Generated Content

Share user generated content for your brand or business. Try to offer your product or service to a user who have never used that before and ask them to share their experience on social media. And then share that content on your brand pages. User generated content that promotes you significantly improve the trust of the new audience on your product or service.


Research relevant hashtags and use them frequently on your posts. They help you target the specific audience and put your message or post in front of those who are searching for that specific keyword or hashtag. Even Instagram allows users to follow the hashtags. Importance of the hashtags on fb and twitter is as significant as on Instagram.

Use Social Media Ads

Social media platforms helps you target the audience that you are interested in. The social platforms are using the users data to help their advertising system in learning the user behavior and effectively targeting the users. So, using the social media advertising is a sure tactic to try.