How to Hide Chat on Instagram Live

How to Hide Chat on Instagram Live

Although Instagram started as an exclusive photo-sharing social network at first yet it progressed with time. Billion of users joined the network, turning it one of the most used social media networks of the present times. Instagram has been evolved as a basic photo-media based network to video and live video chat streaming platform. It is used by individuals, influencers, celebrities, artists and people from all walks of life.

The capabilities and features of the networks are just the same like Facebook but I'd say that this platform is way more private and secure as it allows users to have full control of their database. On Instagram, as a user, you can communicate with other users easily. View their profile images and videos if their accounts are public. You can also write comments under their media and video content to initiate a conversation. In other words, you can meet like-minded people on the network and conversate with them without boundaries. That's the beauty of almost all the digital network sites available at our disposal in the current century. Beyond visual narratives and presentations, Instagram has a lot to offer to the users these days. If you are a business entity or a highly appraised influencer you can go live to interact with your followers and users.

Live Streams and Interactions

Doing live streaming is a normal trend for many business, individuals and Instagram influencers these days. It allows them to connect with their customers, followers and friends and answer their queries. For instance, if you have a business on “shoes”, you might already be using Instagram for posting and sharing promotional content. The promotional content includes videos, audios and one-to-one marketing using advertisements.

Whatever promotional modalities you utilize in order to generate more sales, you may have to be ready for your customers always. They may have questions and queries related to the items that you sell. In order to address their queries you can simply conduct a live stream and answer all of their questions. Likewise, if you are an artist or influencer you can reply to your followers by reading their comment on your live stream.

This is a way more personalized feature compared to the promotional videos as the idea is being used by almost every other business man, gamer and influencer. When you do live streams your users pay more attention to what you have to say or promote. So if any point you need to sell an item or promote a game you must go live to give your opinion on the item that you want to generate the sales for.

Reasons for Hiding Chat on Instagram live

There could be several reasons for a user to want to disable comments and hide live chat on Instagram live. It's possible to disable the commentary from the live streams so you can share your ideas more peacefully. The common reasons for taking such actions could be the following:

  1. You are facing toxicity and negativity. Instead of being positive, some users keep writing aggressive and angry comments. It can turn off your followers and customers from buying your items.
  2. Some Instagram users love trolling. They might not have anything to do with whatever you do, they just join the live streams and throw off-topic comments. Their opinions can really ruin your peace of mind. Therefore, it is important that you simply get rid of them by turning off chat on your live streams.
  3. You have earned a massive following on your Instagram account as an influencer or celebrity or artist, and now you cannot handle too many queries. When your followers post comments on Instagram live you may feel overwhelmed with the idea that you need to reply to everyone. If this is not what you intend to do, you can turn off the comment section on Instagram live video.
  4. Spam comments could be another reason for you to disable commentary. You may have observed that thousands of people join the stream and some of them are highly irritating. They would not stop posting spam messages, emojis and stickers. This could be somewhat distracting for you if you are giving a speech on a very important subject. Instead of allowing these users to distract you, simply turn the comment sections off from them. You also have the right to turn off the comments from particular users. This could be time-consuming if you have more than 10 people writing spam messages off and on.

How do you hide the chat section on Instagram Live?

You can easily do it within a matter of minutes. If you are doing Instagram Live, you are fully in charge of everything. First, you have to kick off the live video stream. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Tap on the camera icon, it is located on the left corner of your Instagram app.
  2. Pick the live option from the settings of the camera.
  3. The option live is located under the capture option.

Once you go live, you can now make a few changes here and there. After launching the stream, you will notice that you are being bombarded with emojis, stickers, gifs, and comments. Here's how you can hide comments on Instagram live:

  • On the page you will see three horizontal dots next to the option “comment”.
  • Here you can choose the option “turning off comment section”.
  • Simply press the option and you are good to go.

After turning off the comment section, all the comments sent, shared or written by the followers would disappear. However, if you wish to do a session on question and answer, you can turn on the comment section for your followers at any point. Besides, it makes no sense to avoid their questions when the purpose of stream is to address their queries. Remember that you cannot delete comments permanently on your Instagram live unless you stop streaming. Good thing is you can turn on comment sections amid the live streams if you want to. Let's say you first wish to share your idea with your followers without interruption, you can turn off the comments. Just turn them back on once you are ready to read what your followers have got to say.