How to Turn off Safe Mode Tumblr?

Tumblr is an advanced social network as well as a web 2.0, allowing its users to do multitasking on the platform. As a user, you can upload quotes, a text, submit a link to your blog or website or any other source, and upload media. The users can also optimize their posts by adding tags to each post.

In terms of design, Tumblr is very much like any other social network, but it has web 2.0 capabilities. It means that you can make your private, personal and business page by adding images, media files and relevant content. However, in order to add users as your friends, you need to interact with other tumblers posting content relevant to your niche, interests and hobbies.

If you have been using Tumblr for quite some time, you might be aware of Tumblr Safe Mode, and it may not be something that you like. If you wish to turn it off, keep reading this mode. I will give you a complete step by step guide on how to turn off safe mode Tumblr on any device quickly.

Understanding Tumblr Safe Mode

The user statistics of Tumblr states that this social media network has more than 456 million of active Tumblr bloggers and users. They share multimedia content such as memes, gifts, artworks, DIY tutorials, videos along with personalized content with their friends and followers.

As people of different age groups are using Tumblr, the platform has a lot of content that is deemed NSFW (Not safe for work). Any content that is mature, explicit, violent or graphic is considered NSFW as it is usually rated for the audience that’s 18+.

A long time ago, the users had no problem sharing NSFW content on Tumblr because there were no rules and restrictions in place to limit the content as per genre. It would roam around the network itself without hassle.

Not to mention, social networks are not only used by adults but also by kids as well. Therefore, Tumblr decided to take action against the mature and adult content by rolling out Safe mode.

The social network has an algorithm to filter out the mature and adult content to keep it away from the sight of kids who are using the platform. Under no circumstances, the explicit content can now reach children and preteens as the Tumblr safe mode is all about it.

Launching the safe mode is indeed a good measure taken by Tumblr. However, it may not be comfortable for some users to use the network with this mode. Fortunately, there’s a way to deactivate it, and I will give a guide on how to turn off safe mode Tumblr. Let’s dig into the best ways of doing it.

Default Safe Mode Tumblr

Whenever you register a new account on Tumblr for starting a blog or network, the safe mode is set by default even if you don’t choose any option.

If you love sharing mature and adult content on Tumblr, you should register your account as 19 years old or more, of course, it’s good to use your real date of birth when signing up for an account there. If you are a preteen, you won’t be able to turn off safe mode on Tumblr any time soon until you are 19 or above.

The default safe mode settings are synced on your devices. Let’s say you have registered an account on your computer or laptop, but now you are using your Tumblr account on the phone, you need to turn off the safe mode everywhere to make it work.

Once you turn off the safe mode on Tumblr, you don’t get access to NSFW content or adult content immediately. Once you do the necessary settings, log out of your account and log in again to gain access to the content that you wish to view.

If you are new to Tumblr and you don’t have an account already, you can make an account using your Google account or Facebook account; you won’t have to write down every detail during the signup process.

How to Turn off Safe Mode Tumblr on Android devices?

These days most people use android devices with the updated version of Android applications. There’s an app available for mobile users to make the best one. It can be downloaded from Google PlayStore to use on the phone for uploading multimedia content on the blogs. For those using Tumblr on their android phones, here’s a way on how to turn off safe Mode tumble on any android device.

  1. First, install the Tumblr application from Google PlayStore if you don’t have it already.
  2. Launch the application and then sign in.
  3. Tap the setting options on the account.
  4. From here, you need to further navigate to the general setting area.
  5. Click on the option” Filtering”.
  6. You can toggle on and off “Safe mode” from here.

You should now close the application and relaunch it to see NSFW content on your android phone. If it does not load, simply log out of the account and try logging in again to view it.

How to turn off Safe Mode Tumblr on iOS Devices?

Just like android phones, you can turn off safe mode on all iOS devices as well. And this can be done easily if you have already downloaded the Tumblr application on your device. Here are the steps you need to follow to turn it off.

  1. Launch the Tumblr app on your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Tap the setting button and click it open.
  3. Choose the option “Don’t hide anything option” from there.
  4. Once you click on the option, Tumblr safe mode will be deactivated.

Now you can view anything on your account without any filtering process. All those posts that you wanted to read would be visible to you now. If for some reason, the content does not show up, close the app and relaunch it again. This time all the features would work correctly.