SocialCaptain vs Instazood vs Kicksta Review

To say that social media has cast a lasting impact on our lives at both personal and professional levels is as true as it can get. Having said that, it is also true that your message will not reach the masses or it would be difficult for you to impact scores of people without having a considerable amount of followers. Irrespective of the fact that whether you are an individual content creator or you run a business, it is important to have a large number of followers in your account. 

There are certain platforms, which have a limit to a certain number of followers before the content gets monetized. Also, once you have a large number of followers on your social media handles, you will more likely expand your sphere of influence and grow your business simultaneously. Also, having a large number of followers is directly proportional to the credibility and trustworthiness of your business. Being a content creator on social media, having a large number of followers always gives you leverage. On the contrary, having fewer followers will eventually hinder your brand's growth which will eventually impact your sales negatively. 

As such, growing your audience base is essential but as you do so, you will need to be sure that your followers are genuine. This is especially true for Instagram which has over the years become a formidable social media platform for growing businesses and helping online businesses reach out to more people. 

Organic Instagram growth can effectively help your business and insulate your account from account suspension which is a risk many people face when they buy fake followers. 

Whether you’re a creator, a brand or business seeking exposure in the highly competitive world, getting safe and effective marketing techniques and services is a sure way of reaching out to more people and increasing your sales.

Having said that, having a large number of followers is not child's play. It may seem easy on the outside but is extremely difficult and hectic otherwise. Some brands/individuals get lucky when it comes to developing a large following. But, one should keep in mind that it is not the same for everyone. To tackle such a situation, you must believe that there are websites out there that can help you get both organic and inorganic reach. 

1. Social Captain:

One such platform is Social Captian which lets you buy bulk Instagram followers and likes at wholesale price. Social Captian is a renowned tech company that deals in social media services. What makes it different from others is the fact that they are a registered legal entity and have an established automated system which makes sure that the delivery of the order is swift. The company has been in business for quite some time now and provides organic reach and followers to its clients. Not only this, but the company also ensures a secure connection to its servers, which also makes it easier for clients to make payments. 

In an era, where everyone is striving to grow their audience and are looking for Instagram growth, Social Captain may be your best bet. There are reasons why people on the internet crave so much about Instagram growth. Regardless of whether you own an online business on Instagram, or an influencer, follower count is inevitable when it comes to being successful on Instagram. 

This is where Social Captain comes into play. SocialCaptain is arguably the best Instagram growth platform which strives to help influencers and companies develop their Instagram fan bases organically. What makes it stand out from the rest is that they do it with legitimate people.

The website prefers not to use bots or purchase followers, they’ll just work to automatically increase your followers. 

One thing which you must keep in mind as a potential customer is that SocialCaptain isn’t the type of platform which sells free followers on Instagram. This platform aims to help its customers naturally and organically, while also improving their participation and follow-up levels.

The website functions just like most of its counterparts. What makes it unique is that it allows its users to pick the sort of activities they want to carry out, be it target hashtags, set the tempo target user, and much more.

To create an account on Social Captain, you will simply have to input your name, email address, and password.  Doing so will create an account. The website offers a free trial for 24 hours, and also allows you to sign up without any strings attached. Once you link your Instagram page, it will redirect you to the dashboard of Social Captain.

Once you are done with signing in to the account, their on-screen guide will teach you how to locate the adjustments you need and will walk you through the interface. This will help you familiarise yourself with the website.

Aside from this,  the account customization options make it unique from others. The site lets you decide the speed and volume of comments and likes. This may assist you in avoiding any undesirable circumstances and will save you or lower the risk of you getting blocked for misuse. You can also present who can like the posts based on country, gender, and age.

Following are some of the key features which Social Captain has to offer.


The website makes the use of artificial intelligence and direct advertising to attract relevant followers which are interested in the type of content with which your account deals with. Due to this, the followers it gathers engage with your posts which eventually increases the engagement. Aside from this the AI of SocialCaptain on Instagram also emulates the actual human-like behavior.

This feature is of great importance because it will prevent your account from getting flagged for malpractice. On the contrary, it takes a normal speed to build up your reputation pleasantly and fairly which is beneficial for the client in the longer run.

Real-time statistics:

The website ensures transparency and guarantees fair play. You can easily find statistics on the dashboard. The statistics reflect your page’s growth rate. If you are a company owner, you can profit from it a lot.

On the dashboard, you can find data analysis for your page. This portion also shows progression development which no other software does.

2. Instazood:

Similar to other growth tools, Instazood is a tool that helps Instagram users to grow the number of followers and likes on their profile. With the rise in their popularity, they have now started to offer their services for TikTok as well.

In all fairness, Instazood seems as legitimate as it can get. The website promises its users authenticity, effectiveness, and guarantee. Also, another unique factor of Instazood is that it gives you more information than other automation services out there.

What makes it more interesting is the fact that the website offers full control of its services, offers a ton of filters, and personalized customizable options, which allows each person to gain a set of specific followers. Aside from this, the website is purposefully optimized for mobile use. In addition to this, they also have a post-scheduling service apart from their Instagram automation service. 

Aside from the mobile-friendliness and the added option of scheduling posts, Instazood allows its users to access multiple languages. This comes in handy because it allows the user to gain real Instagram. This happens through automated planning carried out by Instazood itself. This includes engagements such as unfollow, story views, likes, comments, follow, etc.

Another unique feature that Instazood features are its “auto-DM” option. This feature has its utility because, at times, Instagram imposes some restrictions on the direct message feature. Auto DM option allows you to message all followers. You can also send pictures through this. This feature aims to utilize the direct message in a bid to increase engagement. This enforces a good and positive relationship with your followers. It also increases the reach and promotes your brand singlehandedly.  This feature also gets your followers to see your featured products, thus increasing engagement in the process. 

Instazood also encourages its users to engage with its users frequently. This is important as it filters out spam accounts from the real ones.

The website also provides its users with a “comment tracker”. This feature is useful as it helps in reading, responding, which are made on your profile recently. Instazood dashboard will provide you with all the necessary insights. This way, you will not have to open your profile now and then just to respond to some comments. What's unique about this feature is that it allows its users to mark certain comments as ‘important, and mark them as ‘resolved’. The users can even delete the comments which were made in bad taste. 

With Instazood at your disposal, you can schedule the post at your convenience. Not only this, but you can also try scheduling post deletion. This might sound absurd to you but there are many individuals out there who do this on purpose. This feature will also help you a great deal if you intend to rebrand the aesthetics of your profile. Not only this, but it also allows you to watermark all your photos. This helps its users safeguard their intellectual property and prevents it from getting stolen.

3. Kicksta:

As the name suggests, Kicksta can help you kickstart your Insta account. Business on social media has more to do with brand awareness than it has to do with anything. The key to brand awareness is the number of followers. The more you have it, the more brand awareness will increase. Just like other followers generators, Kicksta is a tool that any social user can use to generate more organic, real followers on Instagram. If you are one of those who value quality over quantity, then Kicksta must be your choice. The feature which makes it stand out from the rest is its services which do not clog your feed with unwanted spam accounts which serve no purpose

Kicksta also makes sure to eliminate all that by working with their clients to target audiences, follow accounts, and also works to devise strategies to gain interest from real-life people.

If you are the owner of a small startup or want to increase your Instagram followers, then the Kicksta should be on your cards. This is because the website ensures organic and legitimate followers. This serves as great news for those content creators and business owners who are looking for organic reach. One cannot simply deny the importance of numbers of followers when it comes to creating a lasting impression. The more the number of followers is, the better it is for business owners to grow their business. The website is primarily designed to help startups grow their reach and follower base extensively. And this is the reason they offer affordable rates for the services they offer.

One thing which makes Kicksta unique from others is its feature singles out hashtags and targeted profiles which are performing well. For instance, if a hashtag yields the most result, kickstart will make sure to mention it. On the contrary, if by any chance you’re following underperforming ones, kickstart will make sure to notify you.

Another thing that makes it unique from its counterparts is the website's user support. Irrespective of the plan you opt for, they will make sure to provide you with the most helpful customer support.

Having said that, the only downside to it is that creative plans don't allow for live chat support. But to make it even, you can still reach out anytime via email and they’ll answer you. Aside from this, they also have helpful video tutorials which can help you familiarise the way a website works. 

Final Words:

Instagram growth services have seen a surge in their customer base in recent years. This has more to do with the fact that businesses have now shifted towards online mode and are gradually abandoning the traditional model. But doing business online is all fun and games until you have to generate user engagements. Some people have it easy when it comes to generating an audience, but for those who for some reason are unable to do so, the aforementioned service providers will do the job for you. To avoid any inconvenience, evaluate the pros and cons so that you can reach an informed decision.