What Does OPS Mean on Instagram?

You might have seen a lot of posts on Instagram where people write this ambiguous term "OPS", so does your mind wonder what on earth it means? Lately, too many abbreviations and acronyms have been used on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. To understand their roots, you have to study a little bit. It's just the same when someone uses slang that is not in your dictionary already. The Internet is a place where people of different cultures, race, language, national and creed connect with each other. Unless you mix up with Mexican you can never understand what "Pendejo '' means.   You may have noticed that some women call their loved ones "bae" online. It usually means a loved or dear ones or a boyfriend or a girlfriend whom one loves unconditionally. The word was invented by black people who are too much into slang and ghetto lifestyle. They are the ones setting unbelievable trends in fashion and hairstyles on the Internet. And the rest of the fashion industry follows their style because it is unique, versatile and mindblowing.  

What Does OPS Mean on Instagram?

Now let's get back to the subject and talk a bit about the term "OPS". This acronym usually means "opinion on me". In other words, you are allowing your customers, users, or followers to write down something about you and share their thoughts   If you are a member of any spiritual or yoga group, people post their pictures there with the caption "What do I radiate"? It's like asking a question to seek answers from all the people you personally know as well as don't even know. So whenever someone asks what I radiate, the spiritual people simply reply back by writing their opinions about the person. It's more like reading a face only where you look at someone's picture and make your judgment. So, if by any chance, someone shares their photos, thoughts or artworks with you, make sure to give your honest opinion without being rude or unethical or mean. You must be very courteous with the language you use because you definitely don't want to bring their self-esteem and confidence down by any means.   On Instagram, most teenagers are posting the caption these days "OPS", meaning what is your opinion on me. It is more or less like opening a poll where you have to answer a question. People love exchanging information with each other. And this new term "OPS" is a way for many Instagram users to connect with their followers on a personal level by giving them a chance to share their thoughts and opinions in the comment section. If you are following an Instagram influencer and they write "OPS" under any post, you can definitely share what you think of them. They may not necessarily share their personal picture or video, instead they may also ask you to share your opinion on someone else. Let's say, Jane Doe is launching a new gaming walkthrough on a hottest PS5 game and your influencer has high hopes on that. He may ask you what is "OPS" on Jane's new launch, and you can just speak of your mind and heart in the comment section. That's all it is about in the first place, just to learn and analyze what other people are thinking about something or someone.  

OPS on Instagram Stories:

Instagram users, particularly teenagers, request OPS on Instagram stories. They make shorts or videos to post on the stories and write down a caption of what is your "OPS" Opinion on me or on it that I have posted. It's just a matter of time that you will get used to using this term yourself and also responding to it. Since the trend is becoming viral, you will find yourself in time when you will have to write opinions and thoughts daily on someone's stories or in personal chat.  

Mutual OPS:

There are a lot of people who are doing mutual ops or collective ops on Instagram by making a group. Let's say that you are a dedicated fan of Kardashian and follow each family member for their ongoing launches and progress in the industry. You can make a group with your friends for doing OPS on these celebrities to do oops in the chatbox instead of in the comment section. Even if you don't want to do it in a group chat, you can have a personal chat with your close friend and ask him or her to share their opinion about something you have. It could be about a photo that you have taken by a lake or a selfie that you two collectively took days ago during a party or ceremony   The trend of OPS is like a question and answer poll, you ask a question and your followers submit their answers in the form of opinion and thoughts instead of selecting one option out of many.  

Responding to OPS:

It’s all about time that you will notice that a new acronym will come to the surface after this. You will get used to using so many slangs and acronyms on social networks because they make socializing more interesting and entertaining. Since the trend of writing “ops” is growing with time now more celebrities are following through it and asking their fans to write their opinion.   You must learn how to respond to OPS without getting aggressive, rude and mean. It is recommended that you always show kindness towards people. I have seen that a lot of people are suffering from physical or mental disabilities, they share their journey with their followers or normal people on the internet. If they ever ask you for your opinion, you can be kind with your words to lift up their spirit and confidence. Do not use harsh words when writing a comment about someone’s facial features, weakness, body structure or weight. Follow the codes of ethics when you pass your opinion around and never make fun of anyone because you don’t wish anyone to feel pain or hurt because of your presence. Keep socializing with your family, friends and loved ones and do OPS in a positive way by bringing up the best in others and not talking about their flaws and weaknesses.