Remember the time when the acronym “S4S ” was really famous on Myspace and it would simply mean one thing “Support for support”. You could support the people from your listing for supporting you, it was kind of a give and take system, which in other words can also be called a bartering system. Now-a-days, the same term S4S has become a trendy acronym on Instagram users and a few renown influencers, game enthusiasts, and celebrities are using it extensively. So what does this term really mean? What does it stand for? You can derive different meanings from it, but the common ones are mentioned below.


What Does S4S Mean on Instagram?

S4S on Instagram can be called a short abbreviation or acronym for the terms “Support for Support”, “share for share”, and “Shoutout for Shoutout”. All these terms do stand for the same purpose; you will do something for someone else if they do it for you as well. In other words, you will send or give a shoutout about the news or trends if the person you are going to do is promising to do the same for you. It is just as simple as that.


Reasons for Using The Term “S4S on Instagram”

Mostly famous influencers are using S4S on their captions , video content and posts. This is a way where they share knowledge about each other to extend their following on Instagram accounts. There are different reasons for people doing it, I am breaking down some of those reasons briefly down below:


Like-Minded People:

If you are running a page on beauty products you might have hundreds and thousands of followers already. You post content, review items and just post video tutorials for keeping your followers content and happy. Just posting something productive on a daily basis brings you more organic and natural traffic on your Instagram page. Logically and realistically, you are not the only one running a page on beauty because there are celebrities, artists and makeup lovers too that may have pages on Instagram as well.  

If you happen to have 50k followers on your Instagram page that are active mostly, you can increase your followers easily by taking helping from another influencer. Instead of paying them a lot of money, you would simply go for S4S. It would mean that you are willing to promote their content on your page and show it to your followers, if they promise to do the same. They will be promoting your videos on your video and that’s called mutual support and help. For this very reason, the term S4S stands for the same thing, it could be support for support, shoutout for shoutout, and share for share.


Whenever you write down S4S in your captions or profile description you are giving an open permission to other influencers to touch base with you for promoting their content. You would not be charging them money. However, there is a criteria that you will have to follow when making any deal with like-minded influencers and Instagram users. It’s that you don’t wish to go for it unless the person has the same amount of followers as you have. If your page has 50k followers, you would want to do S4S for someone who has at least 50k followers or more than 100k.  Instagram promotion is changing with time, you can do a lot of things for free without paying for getting your content promoted through paid ads. In one way or another, by using S4S you are collaborating with other influencers and like-minded Instagram users in some way.


More Following:


Collaborating with other Instagram users is also beneficials on so many levels. For your personal business growth, you need more exposure and more people on your Instagram account. For that, you can join hands with people who are promoting the same products and services as you are. For example, if you are a gaming influencer selling walkthroughs and cheats you can support other game influencers too on your page. Since you have the followers that love one niche or subject it is more likely that they will love the content too that someone is posting.

 In order for this idea to work, you must have an account on the same subject as the other person is promoting. You cannot promote a third party’s beauty item or do S4S deals with someone who has a channel on industrial products. You have followers that love games, thus you should do S4F for someone who has something to share about games, game codes, cheats, and walkthroughs. In other words, when you reach out to people who have genuine followers, you can promote your content, post, and video media there to grow your business as an influencer. In return, the other person who is sending a shoutout for you would have the same advantage. To cut it short, if you have got 100k followers and the person you are supporting has 150k followers, you collectively have 250k followers to share your ideas and content with.  It will help you gain more followers naturally as their 250k followers love the same content that you have on your Instagram account.


Business Growth:

To grow your gaming, beauty, or any other business enterprise quickly without putting too much investment in the ad services you can go for S4S. Do partnerships with the people who have massive online followings on their active and make sure that their followers are genuine. You can track it down by going through the comments sections, so if you view more of users writing down comments on the post the account has genuine followers related to your niche. 

Doing partnership with other Instagram users is also fruitful as you end up having an increase in your followship on Instagram organically and naturally. If you are doing it with someone who has 500k followers, they will definitely follow you as well and go through the content that you post and share. Add 500k followers of someone or suppose only 50 % of the followers follow you back, you will have 750k followers within a short period of time, which is a huge success itself.