What is Facebook Clipboard, and Where to Find It?

Sometimes, you are browsing Facebook and like something. So, you decide to save it for later use or want to copy it. Either way, you need to use a Facebook Clipboard. You might be wondering what is Facebook clipboard and where to find it. No worries, in this post I will tell you all about it.

What is Facebook Clipboard?

You copy some text online from Facebook, and this copied text is stored at a place known as a clipboard. Now when you paste it to another location from this storage area. In simple words, the clipboard is your temporary save location on Facebook.

Where is The Clipboard on Facebook?

You can't access a text clipboard on Facebook because it's a part of your android phone. Every text you saved will be stored on your phone's storage, and it won't be available on Facebook. So, there is no way to find this clipboard unless you have a clipboard manager application installed on your android phone.

How Do I Find My Clipboard on Facebook?

You need to follow these simple steps. Install a clipboard manager application like clipper clipboard on your android phone.

What is a Clipboard on Facebook for Saving Posts?

In case you liked a post very much, then you might want to save it. You can't just copy and paste a video or other media file from Facebook. It's easy to copy text, though. So, when you want to save some fantastic posts, videos, etc., on Facebook for later use and view, everything saved on the Facebook clipboard is known as Collection.

How Do I Get to My Clipboard on Facebook?

Well, as a Facebook user, you have a dedicated clipboard in the form of a saved collection. Every account user has its clipboard where he can store all things he liked on Facebook. Here is the link to Clipboard on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saved/ When you head over to a Link, you will see all those posts you have saved on your Facebook.

How to Save Posts on Clipboard FB?

It's effortless. A person can name as many collections as he can on Facebook.

How Do I Find Clipboards on Facebook for Saved Posts?

How to Copy-Paste on Facebook on Your PC?

In case you are using Facebook on your desktop, then the method of copying and pasting a text will be slightly different.

Wrap Up

When you want to copy and paste some text, then you can't access the Facebook clipboard physically, and there is no such location where you can find it. You need to follow the simple steps I explained above to copy and paste the text on your computer and smartphones. However, when it comes to saving media files, videos, and other rich content, the Facebook clipboard has a physical location known as Collections, where you can go and find all things you have saved. After reading this post, I hope it won't be hard for you to find your Facebook clipboard. Isn't it?

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