Canva vs Figma: Comparison and Review

Finding a user-friendly photo editing software is near to impossible. One of the most commonly used software for photo editing in photoshop, but like I said earlier, it is not user friendly. It will take you days before you actually get a hold of your software.

However, there are some beginners friendly softwares. Canva and figma are one of them. Below is a detailed review of the two.


Canva is one of the premium online graphics tools that is very simple and easy to use. Not only this, it offers a variety of templates that can help the users in their graphic designing needs. There is no second opinion about the fact that the app is a very quick and easy way for a user to design visuals. Aside from this, the software acts as a day saver for those unskilled in photo editing.

The registration process of canva is pretty much the same as any other software. All you will have to do is to sign up and then just follow the leads. The software will guide you into choosing the right type of graphic you’re trying to create.  The software also suggests various template visuals for its users. 

Like I said earlier, the app is very simple and easy to use. Once the user has chosen the layout and template of his choice, he can simply proceed to the customization. Customization process is very simple and every process is simple drag and drop.  Aside from this, the text can be edited much similar to text boxes in any other graphic design software.

When it comes to pricing, canva is both free and paid. The free version has a limited number of opinions and templates to choose from. Apart from this, the number of teammates on freer version is also limited upto 10 members. Aside from this, the free version also does not offer any images at all. If a user wants to use,  they will have to be their own and must be licensed. Canva also sells a picture at one USD per picture.

That being said, once you understand the tools, the app can be as good as any other photo editing software. You can design anything, be it brochure, thumbnail, logo etc. Once you are done, you can simply download them and send them through.  In addition to downloading copies of your final design, you can also share them directly on any social network such as  Twitter or Facebook. In addition to this, you can also send the designs via email. Also, you can invite people from within the tool collaboration in the design of whatever you’re working on your ongoing project.




Unlike canva, figma is not entirely a photo editing software. Infact, it is a design software primarily focused on UI/UX designing. Primarily, Figma is a product design software that enables and helps your team to design & prototype applications efficiently. The software can also effectively assist you in producing rapid mockups along with  high-fidelity prototypes that are ready for development. Aside from this, the software also involves a multiplayer aspect that lets a complete team work on a single file at the same time.

If you are  interested in being a UX or UI designer, you can take a start by downloading Figma. The software is very easy to learn if you’ve had any experience in the designing field in the past. Even if you do not possess any sort of experience, it won’t take long to learn. 

One of the many things that makes Figma great is the fact  that it is browser-based. Aside from this, the files can be saved in the cloud which would automatically backup. This helps users in  continuing working on any of their computers, on the place and time of their choosing as long as they possess an internet connection. Aside from this, sharing designs with Figma is also a very  simple process. Aside from this, the software has  enabled real-time collaboration functionality. Another great thing about Figma is its variety of plugins which streamlines the work speed. Aside from this, the software offers a variety of plugins on which a user can do basically anything with them: typography, graphs, collaboration, etc.

Aside from this, Using Figma can save plenty of time and money. Once you start using Figma, you can easily increase productivity on web-based projects. Thanks to features like commenting that allows clients to give users direct feedback on their designs. Aside from this, Figma's free option is great for users especially the ones which are a small team.

One of the most unique features in Figma is its real-time collaboration feature on design files. This feature is of great utility as it helps a great deal in collaborating with other designers, development team and  product managers, remotely. Aside from this, the prototyping tools are also very good. The users can easily create some very complex prototypes. The software features (pages, files, projects) are very much flexible. This eventually enables the users to formulate an organization structure according to their requirements. This also saves the users from forcing a rigid structure on them or their team. 




Both of the software's have their own utility along with their fair share of pros and cons. However, the two cannot be compared given the fact that the former is photo editing software while the latter is design software.