Famoid vs Buzzoid vs Stormlikes: Reviewed IG Followers & Likes

There is no second opinion about the fact that social media has impacted our lives, both on personal and professional grounds. But, you cannot cast an impact if you don't have a sufficient amount of followers. Either you run a business, or are a content creator, having a large number of followers is mandatory. In platforms like YouTube, there is a certain threshold of followers you must have, or your content won't get monetized. Also, having a large number of the following can extend your sphere of influence, also this can improve your business too.

Having a large number of followers increases the credibility and trustworthiness of a business or brand. Even if you are a social media influencer or a content creator, having more followers is always a plus. Having a few or a negligible number of followers will downplay your brand or your influencer career. Having said all that, some people and brands have it easy when it comes to gaining followers. But, at the same time, there are many out there who struggle when it comes to gaining an ideal follower count. But this is not something you need to worry about. There are organizations out there that can help you get both organic and inorganic reach.


Famoid is a renowned tech company, which provides social media services. On top of that, they are a legal entity, which works on an automated system that eventually ensures swift delivery. The company claims to provide organic reach and followers and acts as a middle man between the client and advertising agencies. Moreover, the connection to the server is secure and you can make payments by using a debit card, or you can also use PayPal for this purpose.

The company offers a variety of packages. The basic package starts from $2.95, whereas the premium package comes with a price bracket of 8.95 dollars. The site offers a minimum of 100 followers, while the maximum follower count it offers is 1000 followers. Once you make the payment, and it gets verified, you will start to receive followers within 5 minutes. The price is quite reasonable, given the number of followers the company promises the company indeed claims to not use fake accounts, but many users complained about gaining bots disguised as followers. Having said all that, if you just want to complete your follower count, you may go for Famoid, but if you are looking for real followers, you may want to reconsider your options.


Just like many other sites, Buzzoid is also an Instagram growth service, which lets its customers buy followers, likes, and views. This is ideal for influencers or brands which are new to Instagram and are striving to make their appearance but are struggling with the key strategies to grow Insta reach from scratch. It might have been easy earlier, but one must realize that it is now harder than ever to grow on Instagram, given that the platform is now highly saturated. The site helps newly established content creators and allows them to grow their presence on the platform. Once you cross a certain threshold of followers count, it will help you to command a premium to the influence you wield.
With Buzzoid, you may choose the package you would like to buy as per your requirement. Once you do that, then you may enter your Instagram username and the email address on which you initially made the account. If you opt to purchase likes, you will have to single out which posts you want to receive those likes on. From here on, you will be required to fill in payment information and your likes, views, or followers will be delivered to your account. Buzzoid does not specify how they find these accounts that generate likes on your post or follow your account.

Other than that, Buzzoid also enables you to buy varying amounts of Instagram video views. The package with minimum pricing gives you 500 views while the package with premium pricing gives you 50,000 views. Also, it lets You time the views to let you match with when you upload a new post or they can be obtained instantly.

The main feature that makes them stand out from the rest is that they’re fast when it comes to providing services. You simply have to provide them your username and payment information and your order will be completed instantly. While this may be convenient, it may not be the best method for trying to get quality followers and likes because it will only inflate your follower count rather than providing organic reach. This site is only a short term solution


Stormlikes like any other site is a marketplace where you have to pay for real users in exchange for likes and comments on your Instagram photos. One indeed needs engagement to establish its presence and for this purpose, Stormlikes is a helpful tool. In addition to that, the plans are considerably affordable, customizable, and quick.

Also, they promise instant delivery of their services. The site also claims and guarantees that all likes and comments are from real and genuine users which makes it a quick and easy way to increase your presence in a short amount of time.

Also, the account customization options make it stand out from others. The site enables you to decide the speed and intensity of comments and likes. This may help you avert any unwanted circumstances and will prevent you or lower the risk of you getting blocked for malpractice. You can also adjust who can like the posts based on country, gender, and age.

Also, Stormlikes are safe to use, and there are no legal or technical repercussions attached to them whatsoever. Also, when you are paying for the services, the website makes sure it is well protected from hackers to keep your financial information safe. In addition to this, the site also does not have your credit card information held anywhere and they don’t have access to credit or debit card credentials.

Also, you might wonder if they require an Instagram password, well, the thing is they do not need your password. All they need is your username to set up alerts for your posts. These alerts inform them of the Instagrammers who posted them.
It is recommended to adjust the frequency of receiving likes and comments. 2,000 likes in a few minutes can set off the red flag for your account. In order to comply with Instagram's Terms of Service, it has to look natural.

Followers Cart:

In case you are running a small startup or and want to increase your Instagram follower count, you should go for followerscart.com. This website guarantees legitimate followers for your social media platform. There’s no denying the fact that one of the initial factors that make an impression is follower count. The more they are, the better it is. The amount of followers is tantamount to increasing brand image and reputation. The whole process of buying Instagram followers from the website is as simple as it can get. You just need to choose a package and then contact the customer support team and share your credentials. Once you are done with it, you will just have to wait, since the followers will begin to increase gradually.

This website is primarily designed to help new startups who wish to grow exponentially. This is why they offer affordable packages. If a person requires more followers, but at an affordable price, this website might be the perfect solution for you.

Another feature that makes it stand out from the rest is its zero count refill policy. The Followers’ Cart offers legitimate follower services. There is a possibility sometimes that a follower may unfollow your account accidentally or intentionally. In such a situation, your follower’s count will eventually drop. However, no need to worry, as FollowersCart provides its customers with follower recounts without charging extra money. They will make sure to send new legitimate followers to your account so that you may be able to maintain your follower count on your social media handles. On top of that, these after-sale services are free of cost, which eventually makes it stand out amidst several others offering similar services.



By now, it may have been crystal clear that having considerable followers on social media handles is inevitable if you want your business or channel to grow exponentially. That being said, many entities provide services in this regard. But, it gets problematic because many of the service providers provide bots disguised as followers which make the situation even worse. In my opinion, FollowersCart is the best option when it comes to purchasing followers. Its follower refill policy is what makes it stand out from the rest.

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