How to Get The Gay Meter Filter on Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok?

Facebook has been popular for launching interactive and scoring filters where you can just check yourself on a scale of 1 to 100 for different fun facts, such as who is your doppelganger. There are many third-party applications that you can use with Facebook to get remarks, comments, and scores on your profile. For instance, if you wish to check out what celebrity is your lookalike, there’s a third party application that scans your profile and finds you the right match. For the most part, such filters and applications are really hilarious and fun. Now there’s a new trend of using the gay meter filter on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok lately. The filter itself might seem to be a mockery of homophobic people, but instead of being a satire, I would say it’s just another filter designed to make us laugh.

Mockery of Homophobes or Funny Filter?

Many LGBTQ influencers are using the gay meter filter on Instagram to show their support to people who are gay. By using the filter, you can get a score for yourself as to how gay you are for real. The score definitely does not mean anything; it’s just a random number you get on your photo. There’s no way that the creator developed it to make someone feel offended. All the controversial talk about the filter being a sarcasm against the homophobes is just nothing more than a waste of time. There are tons of other filters available on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok created just for fun.

Gay Meter Filter on Instagram

The gay meter filter has been on Instagram for a few months, you might have seen your friend’s feed littered with several filters, and this could be one of many that might have made you laugh so hard. It’s simply because the filter is just so hilarious beyond words. So many straight people are also using the gay meter to find where they sit on the spectrum from super gay to extremely gay. It may sound silly to let an application like Instagram score you for your gayness when you are straight in real life. This is a true example of how social networks evolve with time to entertain their users, offering some giggles and laughter. There’s nothing wrong with that. Gay mater filter on Instagram was not much popular months ago, but now people are using it just for fun. And this is what it is there for as well, to offer some fun in order to make you and your friends laugh. There’s no hidden agenda and scheme behind creating the filter, so all the controversies surrounding it hold no reality or truth whatsoever. Fortunately, as an Instagram user, you can use the gay meter effect as well on Instagram and add it to your stories for your friends to see and try it too.

How Do You Try Gay Meter Effect on Instagram?

An Italian filter developer created the best gay meter effect filter, and his username is @francescomazzinii. Nonetheless, this is not the only filter you can get your hands on; in fact, you will now see a collection of the same filters on Instagram to try out. But none of them are as creative as the real one is, so before you move ahead and try different ones, use the one that is famous for its scoring. This world is changing really fast with time, and now people have accepted homosexuals, yet the society is still divided somewhere. Followers of religious books and religion would never accept homosexuals at any cost as there are some ethical codes of conduct that are there to follow. Instagram users are diverse from the multitude of races, colors, and religions. The gay meter effect is not much popular among Muslim, Mormon, and Christian Instagram as they detest homosexuality from their heart. The filter is a favorite to those who support LGTB groups and communities. Just like many effects of Instagram, this one is funny and hilarious. Just for some laughs, you can try it out to see what your friends have to say about it.

How Does Gay Meter Work?

The gay meter works just like other filters; you have to open the application and search for the following username: @raushsham. You can go to the page to find the filter, and there it would be. Just try it out to calculate your gayness and share the results as a story with your friends, wait for their funny comments. They would love to try it too because it is something that puts a smile on everyone’s face. There are more working gay meters that are popular, one is from @ofek.kantargi, and another one is created by @carmen.queen. Both of these accounts are private, and you would not be able to view their posts, photos, and videos. But you can surely try the filter they have created for you. You can find the same filter on Instagram itself. Go to the gallery effect and write down the name of the filter. Switch left to right until you find it. After checking through the collection of effects, you will find it easily. You can create a fantastic story by using this gay filter on Instagram. To use the filter, simply open it and take a selfie, let it calculate the score. The meter will run itself, and you can control it. At the end, when it offers you a percentage of score between 1-100 percent, displaying in a result as to how gay you are. You can try it as much as you want and share the results with your friends, and they will surely burst into laughs.

How to Get Gay Meter on Snapchat and TikTok?

Unfortunately, the filter is not available on Snapchat or Tik Tok right now, but it is trending on both networks. Some people have tried using the search box to find Gaymeter on Snapchat, but there’s no such effect to be found there. It’s because it was never created. Even if you try to find the Gay filter effect in the collection of Snapchat lenses, you would not be able to get one. If you intend to upload the video or selfie with the gay filter on Snapchat or TikTok, you can first create the video on Instagram. Save the video and share it anywhere that you want to. If you don’t find the filter on your mobile, you can close the application and relaunch it. Most people who upload their videos on Snapchat or TikTok have created them on Instagram in the first place. So if you fail to find the effect on either of the networks, it is simply because it does not exist. Use the beta version of Instagram, find the Gay meter effect, use it and then make a video or gif or selfie with it. Save it in your stories as well as in your gallery. To share it on TikTok, you can upload it from the gallery of your phone; you have to do the same to upload it and share it on TikTok as well. It would be fun!

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