What is Comment Ranking on Facebook

What is Comment Ranking on Facebook

It is now even easier to improve the statistics of authentic conversations on Facebook posts. Facebook recently released an update announcing how comments on pages, profiles, and profiles will be ranked. The new feature will also work by showing limited comments that are unrelated to the post. Here are a few things that you need to know about the authentic conversation on Facebook. To improve networking and communication, Facebook has updated the network by using its algorithm to read the content posted by the users. It will now filter out less relevant, non-informative, and useless comments to show you only the comments which are worth reading. Now Facebook has announced a new feature through which your comments will be ranked. Not only comments but your profile will also be ranked. I would say that according to sources, there is a limit to the number of comments that Facebook will be showing under the videos, posts, and every content being shared on the network. Read Also: How to Unignore/Unmute Someone on Messenger/Facebook Keep reading, and we will share all the necessary information related to Facebook comment ranking and all of that.

How does it work?

Now it is up to you whether you want that option or not. If you turn it on, you can benefit from it. If you do not turn it on, just do not. In case you want to keep that option, here is how Facebook is going to get the comments in order. To put it in simple words, Facebook has a certified standard for relatable content. The same thing is with comments. Those comments that are not enough for engagement or do not follow the rules and guidelines of the standard Facebook community will be automatically erased. Simply, they will be ranked low because the algorithm does not find them to be useful. Another way of ranking comments on Facebook is through rates of their engagement. If a comment gets more replies and reactions, it will be ranked higher. Now this kind of algorithm pays more attention to the comments from the user you have interacted with more. You will see the comments of your friends on the top of the list. Not only this, but Facebook is working on something much more meaningful than only ranking the comments based on the engagement. It is also trying to introduce a feature through which it will ask for the user's opinion on comments. It will ask for input about comments. According to users, what type of comments should be on top and what comments should be on lower ranking. And for doing that, Facebook has sent different surveys to the users. In this survey, they will answer what comments they want to see and whatnot. Facebook will use that acquired data. And on the basis of that decision will be made about comment ranking on their respective profile.

What about your page?

About all the options I have discussed earlier. The ranking of comments is not dependent on the number of followers you have. Although getting most of the followers will benefit you in many ways. Having a good number of followers may increase your chances of publicity. But for the pages having small numbers of followers will not receive many numbers of comments. For pages like that, there are not any great number of comments, so having or not having an option will not add any kind of benefit to it. The pages have many followers. These types of options may help you in one or another way, like having positive comments may help you gain much more followers. While having comments about negativity or unpleasantness may cause your followers to unfollow you. It can also create a bad impression for you. For different brands and businesses, negative and spam comments may give off a bad impression. And getting negative comments are bad for your brand. But with these ranking options on Facebook. All the bad and weird comments about your post will be ranked lower. Only positive comments will appear to your audience, and this can help you grow your page and business. Also, page moderators can have the power to hide and delete all unnecessary comments. Suppose you want to re-organize your audience. And if you want to manage your Facebook page, this will also help with that. But with every positive side comes something negative. Suppose you resolve and answer all the people with negative opinions about you. You can also clear many misconceptions related to you. Every app is evolving and updating itself. From time-to-time things change and get updated. With this new option of managing and ranking comments, you will be able to recognize and organize. With negative comments falling, only positive comments will rise, giving you an insight into all the positivity of your page or brand. Read Also: What is Facebook Clipboard, And Where to Find it?