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Almost every brand, business and YouTuber wants to see their channel grow in terms of video views. For that, they create video content, do the research, and whatnot! 

But in the end, after all the hard work and efforts, if they don’t see the results in the form of views and other engagements, it becomes saddening. 

Gain maximum visibility with unmatching growth potential. Buy YouTube views in the US to transform your videos into viral sensations

Shift the focus from immediate metrics to building a lasting digital legacy. At Followers Cart, extend a helping hand by providing the best and most reliable YouTube views, we unlock the story waiting to be told through your content. We deliver 100% real, authentic, and active YouTube views that open doors to diverse opportunities.

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Buy YouTube Views – But WHY?

Achieving YouTube emancipation requires understanding the complex algorithms and dynamics that govern visibility and reach on the world's most popular video-sharing platform. YouTube’s algorithm rewards engagement, and an increased view count serves as a beacon, signaling relevance and interest to both the algorithm and potential viewers. It’s a strategic investment in the visibility and discoverability of your content, ensuring that your videos stand out among millions.

Cracking the YouTube code through purchased views is not just a number game; it’s a mechanism for organic growth. Higher view counts attract more attention, leading to increased likes, shares, and subscriptions. This domino effect propels your content into the spotlight, fostering a sense of credibility and popularity that resonates with both algorithms and human audiences alike.

Getting YouTube views from Followers Cart is your key to unraveling the complexities of the platform, opening doors to wider audiences, increasing engagement, and creating the potential for your content to become a viral sensation.

Perks of Buying Authentic YouTube Views 

The increasing number of YouTube channels and the competition in the search engine are the first and foremost reasons to buy real YouTube views. Followers Cart gives you all the options to grow your businesses, brands, or other channels (entertainment, tutorials, reviews, etc.), ensuring that your voice is not only heard but amplified across the platform. The following are some of the main benefits of purchasing genuine YouTube views:

Buy YouTube Views

1. Better Reach and Visibility

Exposure is a total miss in some of the newly started YouTube channels. This is where your decision to adopt some new strategies comes into action. If you are a starter or even a dormant channel that happens to exist in the YouTube search engine with zero or minimal reach, buying YouTube views will help massively. It propels your content into the algorithm’s spotlight, attracting organic interest and engagement.

2. Best Revenues, ROI, and Sales

Most YouTubers kickstart their channels intending to generate income, often relying on channel monetization. However, alternating revenue streams can significantly enhance earnings. Seeking optimal returns, ROI, and lead generation, creators explore diverse avenues. For those on the lookout for cost-effective strategies, Followers Cart provides an option to buy YouTube views, potentially translating into increased revenues, improved ROI, and enhanced sales prospects.

3. Marks the Potential of Watching Videos

Remember, watching videos with good views is in the human psyche. That means if you don’t have a considerable number of views on your channel or videos, it’s high time to buy more real YouTube views. With a more significant number of views, the prospect of getting better organic views increases. This strategic move not only boosts your immediate visibility but also triggers the human tendency to engage with the content perceived as popular, causing a stir that draws in more viewers organically.

4. Get Your Video Searchable on YouTube

More views and other engagement metrics mean your YouTube channel is searchable. It is because of the algorithms, which change after every few views. You can buy YouTube video shares from Followers Cart to make your content more visible in search results. Therefore, YouTube views help in searching for a particular category of content on YouTube. This enhanced visibility attracts not just random viewers but those specifically interested in your content niche, ensuring your videos are discoverable and accessible to a targeted audience.

5. Brings Organic Traffic to the Official Website

Last but not least, views bring more potential for organic traffic to your official website. Without a good number of views, you might lose the most authentic buyers. So, remove the entire ordeal of losing customers or clients by buying YouTube views that are real and active. Boost your online presence strategically, ensuring not only increased visibility on YouTube but also driving valuable traffic to your official website, maximizing the conversion potential of your content.

Buy Real YouTube Views from FollowersCart

How Is It Safe to Buy YouTube Views? 

According to YouTube's terms of use and policies, users can only opt for real and organic views for their channel. If and when you choose to buy YouTube views from any other source, the experience might be daunting. The reason for it is simple – they don't offer real or active views. Instead, they supply views that go down right after the purchase. 

However, when it comes to us, FollowersCart, we only provide accurate, active, and authentic YouTube views. It maintains our credibility and trust among the clients. That is also why we have a massive fanbase and clientele. What is another reason why it is safe to get authentic YouTube views from us? It relies on the fact that we never want to jeopardize your YouTube channel.

What Sets Us Apart?

Unlike other services, Followers Cart prioritizes authenticity, providing real and active YouTube views that align with YouTube’s guidelines. It is our unwavering commitment to delivering genuine and impactful results for your YouTube growth.

Our transparent and competitive pricing ensures you receive tangible value for your investment, allowing you to boost visibility and engagement effectively. With a focus on customer satisfaction, our testimonials speak volumes about the positive experiences of our users.

Moreover, we are SSL-certified, ensuring that your transactions are end-to-end encrypted to provide you with a hassle-free experience. We stand out for our strategic approach—viewing buying as a tool to complement your content strategy, propelling your videos into algorithmic relevance, and attracting organic interest.

You can also buy YouTube livestream views for more visibility and an enhanced approach.

Features of Making FollowersCart Your ULTIMATE Solution Provider

Our unique selling proposition relies on what and how we sell YouTube views. To know more in detail, read the features mentioned below. 

1. Supersonic Speed of Delivery 

The speed at which packages are delivered matters. That is why we mention timeframe on our packages – so you know we provide within the time mentioned. Remember, our packages are delivered on time, sometimes before that time. Isn’t it great?!

2. Best and Most Workable Refund Policies 

After you buy organic YouTube views from us, there will be no need for a refund policy. However, we do offer refunds under certain prepositions and situations. Your money means a lot to us, so we provide a complete, half, and a portion of the reimbursement. To know more, please click here.

3. Zero Chances of Risk of Decrease 

With us, you will never face any issue regarding a drop or decrease in views. Nevertheless, discussing it with our representatives will be helpful. They will discuss and provide free-of-cost views to compensate for the number of views you purchased.

4. Free Consultation Sessions 

If you are a beginner and have yet to learn how many YouTube views will be enough, discuss. Yes, talk to our representative. He will offer a complimentary session of consultancy. That way, you will know what, how, why, and when of everything attached to the purchase.

5. Human Support System 24/7

Unlike other third-party YouTube metrics providing sources, FollowersCart helps the client with human interaction. You will not notice anything related to bots. It means we are a legit source of increasing views on YouTube videos. Furthermore, anyone can reach us via an instant chat or email.

6. Various Payment Gateways

You can buy YouTube views with PayPal, cryptocurrencies, bank transfers, wire deposits, and cards. All these options are there to make buying YouTube views easy.

7. Encrypted Payments

All payments are encrypted and are not saved in the system. We can say that because all the sensitive information is removed as soon as you pay the amount for the package. It means we don’t use your information for anything illegal.

How To Buy YouTube Views From Followers Cart?

We are offering nine types of budget-friendly packages. With our gratifying unique bundles, you may establish yourself as a significant individual who merits recognition on the most viral platform and the largest video search engine. Please adhere to the guidelines mentioned below to finish your purchase.

Step#1: Select your desired package and click on Buy Now

Step#2: Provide a link to your YouTube video where you want views. You can choose one or more links in one order Verify to continue.

Step#3: After verification, choose your payment method (You can buy YouTube views with PayPal, Stripe, Visa Card, or Mastercard)

Step#4: Click on Pay Now

Step#5: Well done! You've got your preferred package. Now that the process has been enabled, let it run.


  • Please keep your profile on “Public” for smooth delivery.

  • Kindly do not share any sensitive or personal information with us. We only need your email ID and username.

Yes, purchasing views can significantly contribute to your video’s organic growth on YouTube. When your video initially receives a boost in views, it signals to YouTube’s algorithm that your content is relevant and engaging. As a result, the algorithm is more likely to recommend your video to a wider audience.

Results may vary, but you can typically see an increase in views shortly after the delivery process begins. For premium views, we gradually deliver your order to avoid detection of any suspicious activity, but it will somehow be completed within the expected time mentioned on the package.

Yes, we stand by the quality of our services and offer a complete refund if you are not satisfied. Furthermore, in case you observe any decline that may rarely happen, contact our support team, and we will offer a free refill.

YouTube pays creators $0.01–$0.03 per view, which is $10–30 per 1000 views. However, profits are variable depending on your niche, target audience, ads, content, etc. The revenue can be calculated in two ways:

  • Ad revenue:

YouTube revenue per 100K views  — $1,000 - $3,000

  • Video Views:

YouTube revenue per 100K views — $500 - $700

A user on YouTube has to watch a video for at least 30 seconds to count it as a view. Here are the two conditions that should be met for a YouTube video count;

A user should initiate the video play intentionally, Total watch time must be 30 seconds at least.

In case you watch a video while skipping some portions, then the total watch time exceeding 30 seconds will be counted as a view as well.

Yes, YouTube will count a rewatch as a view but only if it looks natural. If you have watched a video and you liked it, you may go back to the start and watch it again.

This is something that the platform doesn’t consider shady and counts it as a view. 

But if you repeatedly refresh the page and watch the same video many times, YouTube will consider this a spammy act, and it will not consider these views.